Benjamin - Senior Director of Enterprise Application Operations

Inovalon is an exciting and dynamic company to work for. Every day brings up new challenges and along with those challenges are opportunities for growth. This is a great place to gain some serious industry experience. In the booming health care IT industry, Inovalon is a trend-setter.

Munaf - Business Analyst

Inovalon offers me a fresh start every day and the opportunity to strive toward excellence. The professional work environment, ethics and diverse culture of the company delivers a refreshing experience that has rightfully earned my commitment and loyalty.

Letitia - Client Service Manager

I was motivated to pursue a career with Inovalon because of Inovalon's leading-edge technology, commitment to providing superior data-driven healthcare solutions, and emphasis on employee career development. Moreover, Inovalon's emphasis on work-life balance for employees was another contributing factor in my decision.

Vincent - Business Analyst

In the midst of economic and healthcare crisis there is not a more exciting place to work than Inovalon as it strives to improve the quality of healthcare. The work here at Inovalon is engaging, challenging, and rewarding and I am thrilled to be a part of a great organization that is properly cultivating the landscape of healthcare.

Kate - Business Analyst

A career at Inovalon excites me because of the possibilities. There are so many different paths to explore within the company from project management to the many product teams. At Inovalon, I believe I will grow as an associate as well as a person and I feel empowered to reach my goals with the guidance of my management team.

Andrea - Client Service Manager

As Client Services Manager, I find it very rewarding to be able to partner with my clients daily to help them achieve their mission to make a difference in people’s lives. It’s an exciting time to work at Inovalon. We’re on the cutting edge of the dynamic and challenging healthcare technology industry, which provides enormous opportunity for professional learning and growth.

Brook - Associate Software Development Engineer

The most exciting part of working at Inovalon is that I get to work under a few of the top developers in the industry. It has allowed me to learn so much from them in such a short time.

Mahitha - Associate Software Development Engineer

The transmission from student to employee i.e., from school to industry was invigorating thanks to Inovalon, as innovation is genuinely encouraged and is an integral part of the company culture. Being recruited through the College Recruiting Program, gave me a unique opportunity to widen my horizon by working with different teams in diverse roles, while being mentored in the right career path. It is a great platform to apply academic knowledge to build real world secure software applications, to learn and practice efficient agile methodologies. At Inovalon it is continuous learning with intelligent coworkers who respect and help you. The cordial work environment brings out the best in you.