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Delivering Integrated Data-Driven Solutions

Inovalon ONE™ is an integrated cloud-based platform of more than 80 individual proprietary technology toolsets able to be rapidly configured to empower the operationalization of large-scale value-based healthcare initiatives. Each toolset is referred to as a Component, with each supporting critical healthcare ecosystem functionality needs. Components are configured into integrated sets identified as Modules, each of which share cohesive interoperability and common data management.

Each Component empowers differentiated capabilities within the Inovalon ONE™ Platform. Examples of Components include Inovalon’s big data integration engine, iPORT-HD™, which applies more than 1,100 data integrity analyses in real-time to enable massive-scale data ingestion streaming from thousands of disparate healthcare data sources; Inovalon’s predictive analytics engine, PCIS™, which leverages the Company’s datasets of more than 34 billion medical events to predict disease and comorbidity presence and progression in patients across more than 72,000 distinct clinical diagnoses and comorbidities; Inovalon’s non-structured clinical data optical character recognition (OCR) and natural language processing (NLP) engines honed on millions of medical record cases; Inovalon’s decision support toolset, ePASS®, which empowers clinicians to achieve significantly increased quality and value impact in the fraction of the traditional time to assess a patient; and Inovalon’s large-scale, real-time transactional compute engine, QSI-XL™ and its sister Component QSI®, which together power more than 60 percent of the country’s clinical quality outcomes measurement and analysis processes.

Components are configured into specialized Modules to address specific areas of focus. Examples include the Connectivity & Integration Module, the Data Visualization & Reporting Module, the Master Data Warehouse Module, the Analytical Algorithms & Engines Module, the Management & Administration Consoles Module, and the Real World Intervention & Point-of-Care Solutions Module.

Driving intelligence within the Inovalon ONE™ Platform is the application of insights garnered from the Company’s datasets. The MORE2 Registry® is Inovalon’s proprietary, primary source de-identified data warehouse consisting of data and insights from more than 34 billion medical events and over 231 million unique patients, 903,000 physicians, and 385,000 clinical facilities ingested from thousands of healthcare ecosystem data sources. Ongoing analyses of this data informs thousands of considerations made across the Inovalon ONE™ Platform, ranging from the normalization and validation of data ingestion and clinical outcomes comparative performance analyses, to the determination of predicted patient disease progression and clinical protocols for the achievement of goals such as improved medication compliance, clinical outcomes, and utilization savings.

Example applications of the Inovalon ONE™ Platform are wide-ranging and highly customizable. The configuration of a number of Components within the Platform, for example, can provide a client with tools that enable dramatic reductions in post-acute care costs and readmission rates. The activation of additional Components can provide the same client the ability to achieve clinical quality outcomes improvement, increases in medication adherence, or improved risk score accuracy. Other Components enable patient data aggregation, monitoring, analysis, and data visualization on massive scale, empowering, for example, highly complex, nation-scale medication and medical device value-based and outcomes-based contracting initiatives. For these same clients, EHR interconnectivity, real-time decision support, and on-demand real-time analytic Components can be activated to empower highly targeted patient-specific physician clinical encounters to drive improved outcomes for the respective medication or device. Still other Components empower large-scale collaborations between payers and providers to achieve value-based care with real-time accuracy.

The modular, Component-driven design of the Inovalon ONE™ Platform results in it being highly extensible. Once a client is utilizing the Inovalon ONE™ Platform, bringing to bear additional capabilities enabled by the activation of additional Components, or additional instances of the same Component in different configurations, is readily undertaken making it highly efficient for clients to undertake an expanding number and scale of initiatives quickly and efficiently without the need for additional integrations or multi-vendor coordination. Further, the flexibility of the design allows for clients to more easily utilize elements of their existing capabilities in combination with the Inovalon ONE™ Platform, eliminating the need to make all-or-none monolithic Platform decisions.

The Inovalon ONE™ Platform is provided in a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) subscription engagement arrangement to support a wide range of high-impact value-based initiatives. Implementation of the Platform for a specific client engagement proceeds in a three-step process described as Discovery, Configuration, and Operation. During Discovery, the determination of client goals and needs are explored, tested and validated against the Company’s large-scale real-world datasets. In Configuration, the determinations garnered during Discovery are applied to relevant Components and Modules for activation of the Platform. Most implementations (defined as the time required for Discovery and Configuration) require only short periods of time measured in days to weeks, with more complex implementations potentially requiring six months.

Through the Inovalon ONE™ Platform, Inovalon brings to the marketplace a national-scale capability to interconnect with the healthcare ecosystem on massive scale, aggregate and analyze data in petabyte volumes, arrive at sophisticated insights in real-time, and drive impact wherever it is analytically identified best to intervene.