Health Data Analytics - Distributed Analytics

Distributed Analytics

Inovalon's Distributed Analytics™ provides an industry-leading analytical solution with access to the entirety of a healthcare organization’s data assets, bringing together meaningful data with powerful analytics in an environment friendly to non-technical personnel to enable deep investigation into root cause, improvement, and reporting strategies.

Distributed Analytics: Key Components

Product/Service Components Brief Description Client Value
 MORE2 Registry® Extensive healthcare database with over 240 million unique patients and more than 37 billion medical events Facilitates analysis across a broader spectrum of care
 Custom Datasets Offers the flexibility to load custom datasets Access multiple datasets in a single environment, reducing operational overhead
 QSI® Toolset Easy-to-use flowchart-based
query platform
Queries can be developed, refined and validated quickly minimizing the gap between clinical and technical knowledge
 QSCL Technology Backend massively parallel processing (MPP) engine Final results are available in hours as opposed to weeks
 Result Dataset Extracts Offers focused result dataset extracts to further research effort Result datasets can be used with advanced 3rd party tools such as SAS®
 Regular Data Refresh Availability of recent healthcare transactional data Assures access to the most recent available data
 Remote Desktop Access Technology platform is accessed online through a secure web portal Low technology infrastructure costs
 Patient-level Observations Individual claims are summarized into patient observations No overhead of creating complex custom routines
 Sentinel Medical Events Standardization and reusability of medical event codes Effective data management and analysis of medical conditions
 Analytics and Clinical
Query refinement, advanced analytics and medical/clinical support Superior customer support to ensure high quality research studies