Interoperability: Advance the Convergence of Clinical and Claims Data in support of Value-Based Care


Inovalon’s Interoperability solution facilitates the two-way exchange of clinical data leveraging a variety of national standards supporting data transmission from both cloud and non-cloud based EHR and HIE systems, connecting thousands of physicians in an effective, efficient, secure, and scalable fashion to support regulatory requirements and improvements in quality outcomes and risk score accuracy.

Inovalon’s interface reduces/minimizes the need for traditional clinical documentation collection requests by receives clinical data from the physician or medical group’s EHR through a highly orchestrated, HIPAA-compliant connectivity gateway process that ensures only the minimum required clinical data is pulled for the targeted patient, maximizing operational efficiencies. Inovalon’s predictive analytic systems identify patient gaps in care, quality and documentation and embed those insights directly into the clinical workflow delivering relevant and actionable patient information to inform targeted interventions at the point of care within the clinician’s workflow.

The Inovalon ONE Platform - Interoperability