ePASS: Technology-enabled Assessment Tool

ePASS®: Enables Patient-specific, Decision Support at the Point of Care

ePASS® (Electronic Patient Assessment Solution Suite) is a patient-specific, point-of-care, decision support platform for providers. ePASS® empowers providers with Inovalon’s analytics to deliver patient-level information during the encounter to close gaps in care, assessment, provider documentation, and quality. 

ePASS® is an essential component of our Prospective Advantage® and Star Advantage® solutions and supports encounters by aggregating patient profiles from

  • Administrative claims,
  • Medication prescription and adherence history,
  • Diagnostic results,
  • Provider encounter history, and
  • Other supplemental datasets such as abstracted medical records. 

ePASS offers providers the following:

  • Insight into the full member profile
  • Insight into each member’s gaps in care, assessment, and documentation
  • Patient-specific, in-office decision documentation support in a self-generating CMS/HHS/SDOH-compliant SOAP Note format 

With this information, providers and members are equipped with a medical record containing the member’s full health profile and updated documentation. The capabilities of ePASS® enable dramatic improvements in

  • Care,
  • Assessment,
  • Provider documentation,
  • Utilization,
  • Quality, and
  • Risk score accuracy. 

As a web-based platform, ePASS® supports face-to-face provider assessments and supplemental member encounters in the member’s home, in the provider’s office, at an Inovalon Member Center, or at a Walgreens Healthcare Clinic.  The capabilities of ePASS® deliver superior value and impact for members, health plans, and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).