ePASS: Analytically-driven, Point-of-Care Documentation and Decision Support Platform

ePASS®: Analytically-driven, Point-of-Care Documentation and Decision Support Platform

ePASS® (Electronic Patient Assessment Solution Suite) is a patient-specific, point-of-care documentation and decision support platform for providers. ePASS® empowers providers with Inovalon’s advanced cloud-based analytics to deliver patient-level information during the encounter to close gaps in care, assessment, provider documentation, and quality.

ePASS® is an essential component of our Prospective Advantage® and Star Advantage® solutions and supports encounters by aggregating patient profiles from

  • Administrative claims,
  • Medication prescription and adherence history,
  • Diagnostic results,
  • Provider encounter history, and
  • Other supplemental datasets such as abstracted medical records. 

ePASS® offers providers the following:

  • Insight into the full member profile
  • Insight into each member’s gaps in care, assessment, and documentation
  • Patient-specific, in-office decision documentation support in a self-generating CMS/HHS/SDOH-compliant SOAP Note format 

With this information, providers and members are equipped with a medical record containing the member’s full health profile and updated documentation. The capabilities of ePASS® enable dramatic improvements in

  • Care,
  • Assessment,
  • Provider Documentation,
  • Utilization,
  • Quality, and
  • Risk Score Accuracy.

As a web-based platform, ePASS® supports face-to-face provider assessments and supplemental member encounters in the member’s home, in the provider’s office, at an Inovalon Member Center, or partner retail clinics, such as Healthcare Clinics at Select Walgreens.

The capabilities of ePASS® deliver superior value and impact for members, health plans, and Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs).