​HEDIS Advantage™: Quality Measurement and Reporting Solution

​HEDIS Advantage™: Quality Measurement and Reporting Solution

Inovalon's industry-leading solution for measurement and reporting on clinical and quality outcomes, HEDIS Advantage™, has been recognized for its administrative data analytics, coordinated hybrid clinical data extraction, expert support, and nationwide presence. HEDIS Advantage™ provides cloud access and an end-to-end service bureau platform for health entities participating in CMS, NCQA, URAC, and state- and federal-specific quality measurement programs. With over a decade of experience, Inovalon leads the industry with more than 1,500 data submissions and has been NCQA-certified for HEDIS®* quality measures for 16 years.

Data Aggregation

Inovalon's cloud-based modular platform enable seamless data transfer and integration across the healthcare ecosystem. As the premier solution for quality measurement and reporting, HEDIS Advantage™ integrates data in its native formats from multiple, disparate sources to create measure profiles. State-of-the-art security protocols ensure privacy and HIPAA compliance, through more than 1,100 data integrity checks.

Analytic Insight

QSI-XL™, Inovalon’s accelerated cloud-based big data clinical quality analytics platform, offers organizations across the healthcare ecosystem access to patient-level detail with its superior drill-down capabilities. This level of insight enables health entities to identify inaccurate claims data, non-compliant patients, and compare provider groups to enable highly-targeted and efficient interventions.

Data Validation for Gap Closure

Each of our seasoned staff members averages more than a decade of service and can complete 30,000 clinical data and quality assurance reviews per day. Using this resource, health entities are able to improve clinical and quality outcomes and financial performance through Inovalon’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) Interoperability initiative and clinical data extraction processes. We apply a hybrid approach to clinical data extraction leveraging:

  • EHR Interoperability – We automate medical record data capture, while facilitating maximum speed, cost, accuracy and accessibility. As a result, provider disruption and network friction is minimized. Inovalon’s platform seamlessly integrates with EHRs, as well as state and regional Health Information Exchanges.
  • Clinical Data Extraction – We provide a nationwide network of 903,000 practitioners and clinical reviewers for clinical data extraction services. Our proprietary scheduling system coordinates resources across the country for timely, targeted and efficient data collection, while ensuring the least amount of disruption to providers and staff.

Ongoing Tracking and Reporting

Inovalon's Quality Spectrum Flowchart Designer (QSFD®) within HEDIS Advantage™ is a flexible measurement design tool that provides a comprehensive catalogue of measures for the development of custom measures, internal reports and models for proprietary quality studies.

Inovalon's business intelligence and financial reporting solution (INDICES®) delivers dashboard, scorecard, reporting and adhoc queries on an integrated platform, enabling highly granular inquiries into performance, status, and datasets, providing greater visibility, faster time to value, and better alignment of resources.


HEDIS® is a registered trademark of the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA)