Data Integration and Validation Solution (iPORT-HD™)

Inovalon's Data Integration and Validation Solution (iPORT-HD™) provides a secure, cloud-based solution that can be quickly implemented establishing connections to incorporate baseline, historic warehouse data, as well as ongoing data imports into the Client Data Lake (CDL) leveraging more than 1,100 data quality validations. Regardless of the data type (client-specific flat files, HL7, XML and X12), this solution creates a normalized, conformed data layer that supports the matching and linking of disparate data sets.

Once landed in the secure CDL, data is easily accessible through industry data retrieval approaches within the Managed Workspace and viewed through a visualization layer, which provides for broad range of analytic and benchmarking options.

Organizations that use Inovalon’s Data Integration and Validation Solution (iPORT-HD™) maximize value from structured and unstructured data with the following features:

  • Broad spectrum connectivity capabilities including FTP, web services transfers, APIs, and real-time interoperability
  • Secure and HIPAA-compliant data transfer and hosting including private and commercial cloud storage options
  • Industry-leading data quality validations, longitudinal data analysis and trending using the MORE2 Registry® benchmarks
  • Data harmonization for complete and comprehensive management of population and patient-level profiles
  • Client access to hosted “single source of truth” through direct, manual or automated secure extract queries
  • Enhanced reporting and data visualization tools to support client-configured dimensional views
  • Access to claims and aggregate level data, pre-calculated and client-specific metrics and benchmark data

Inovalon’s Data Integration and Validation Solution (iPORT-HD™) leverages industry-leading Hadoop technology to create a normalized “single source of truth” for healthcare organizations, delivering real-time visibility into all layers of performance from the organizational layer down to patient-specific dimensions.

By aggregating and normalizing structured and unstructured administrative, clinical and an unlimited set of disparate data types through a secure, cloud-based dynamic approach, Inovalon’s Data Integration and Validation Solution (iPORT-HD™) provides a more efficient and flexible means to aggregate, store and visualize data. This solution not only delivers reduced overhead and infrastructure costs, but also provides a superior data model with transparency into how to better manage costs and utilization to improve organizational performance.