MORE2 Registry® Database

Medical Outcomes Research for Effectiveness and Economics Registry (MORE2 Registry®)

Inovalon, extensive dataset, MORE2 Registry®, is inclusive of data elements infrequently found within the marketplace, and augmented by raw clinical data, patient-provided data, and a multitude of other elements. The MORE2 Registry® contains data pertaining to more than 858,000 physicians, 377,000 clinical facilities, and 230 million unique patients, and nearly 30 billion medical events.*

MORE2 Registry Growth

Unlike many datasets within the industry, Inovalon’s datasets are highly representative and not bias to a specific catchment or cohort. Data is primary source in nature and information within the MORE2 Registry® is longitudinally matched with exact dates of service and enables linkage to EHRs, health risk assessments, and other innovative data sources.

  • One of the largest, national, healthcare datasets
  • HIPAA-compliant data, statistically de-identified at the patient-level
  • Lab results and socioeconomic insights
  • Quality and risk score accuracy score insights
  • Patients longitudinally linked across health plans
  • Providers identified and linked to delivery network

Data Components


*As of June 30, 2017, the Company was processing large unique patient count and medical event count dataset transmissions. For this reason, June 30, 2017 unique patient count and medical event count amounts vary from historical calculation methodologies, and represent estimates pending final MORE2 Registry® dataset incorporation and processing.