Our Logo

The Story Behind Our Logo


The spiral represents the face of a complex mechanical watch. Behind the scenes there is complexity, sophistication, interconnectivity, and necessary precision—whirling mechanisms conjuring a sense of wonder and intricacy. On the face, however, there is the simple display of precise time. This symbolizes Inovalon. We are committed to bringing together the complex array of data-driven solutions which are driving meaningful insight and improvement in healthcare—and doing so in a way that appears effortless.

Within the face of the spiral, there is a parallel design—precisely interconnected spirals. As the spokes of the inner spiral grow finer, they dovetail with the stronger spokes of the outer spiral. These carefully interlaced spokes represent Inovalon and our clients—growing ever stronger as we partner together.

The double spiral also evokes images of gears finely crafted and closely aligned, symbolizing the seamlessness with which we integrate with our clients and their systems.

And lastly, the logo depicts motion, energy, and a radiating outward from the center as Inovalon brings action and innovation into the marketplace.