Our Name

Inovalon's Story

Our story is that of an established leader and pioneer of the healthcare landscape – one defined by innovation, empowered with energy, committed to value, and realized through action. Our new name – Inovalon – clearly differentiates and grounds our identity in these core attributes that personify our business culture, the wellspring of our success and the source of our ability to deliver meaningful improvements to the healthcare community.

‘Innovation’ is not an occasional formulation for us, but a deliberate and persistent signature form. It is built in causal sequence on three principles: Insight, Intervention, and Impact. ‘Nova’ conjures images of great energy and passion bursting forth, intensity of light, and a source of life. ‘Value’ is a cornerstone of our offerings and a commitment to our clients. ‘Valor’ conveys our bold determination and integrity. And ‘On’ communicates a strong call to action.

Inovalon binds these foundations – conveying what we are – and the culture we bring forward.