Inovalon's true strength lies in the breadth and depth of our employees’ experience. Our employees' expertise spans a wide range of healthcare disciplines, from senior quality or risk adjustment management for managed care organizations, large hospitals, and physician networks to medical directors and principal design engineers of sophisticated technology solutions. Inovalon’s personnel have the hands-on experience to develop and implement advanced solutions achieving measurable improvement in quality of care and financial performance.

Going beyond what can be accomplished from any one set of core facilities, our team includes an unparalleled field operations network that spans all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. Supported by Inovalon’s technologies, product groups, and call centers, these in-community personnel provide hands-on connectivity with patients, providers, and clinical facilities to hone insight, close gaps, and drive improvement. To each client, to each solution, Inovalon brings this exceptional coalescence of knowledge, skills, experience, operational execution, and dedication to achieving outstanding results for our clients and their members.

Ultimately, with thousands of people working in organized teams, and drawing upon a wide array of expertise—from data aggregation and analysis to clinical content and operational execution—Inovalon brings to the marketplace not only a solutions arsenal capable of delivering measurable results for our clients but also a team with extensive capabilities and a track record of reliability and integrity. It is this team approach, focused on partnership, which provides the peace of mind critical to success.

Our track record of superior service is the result of a commitment to excellence that is shared by all at Inovalon. This commitment is fostered by a dynamic, energetic, and team-oriented company culture focused on the success of clients, their members, their providers, and the entire healthcare marketplace.​​