Since Inovalon's early origins in 1998, it has dedicated significant resources developing, innovating, and honing a suite of technologies designed to bring meaningful improvements to healthcare. From data integration toolsets and industry-leading data warehouse architectures, to advanced analytics and predictive modeling, Inovalon's technologies inform the identification of gaps in care, quality, and data accuracy. In doing so, these technologies drive highly targeted insight and informed intervention with patient-specific precision, providing and end-to-end platform that brings meaningful improvement on a national scale.

Our unique platform of integrated technologies, advanced data analytics, and a nationwide IT and infrastructure gives us the ability to provide our clients effective solutions to improve quality of care and financial performance in a way that is sensitive and specific to each patient and provider. The core computing foundation we have developed enables us to accelerate complex healthcare data analyses across billions of medical events in a fraction of the time previously required. This ability, combined with one of the industry’s largest healthcare data supersets, empowers our solutions and gives our clients the information they need not only to guide business strategy, patient interventions and quality improvements, but also to drive real improvement through comprehensive intervention.

From data aggregation and integrity analysis to validation, intervention, and reporting systems, Inovalon's technologies are designed, maintained, and overseen with a focus on excellence, reliability, efficiency, and integrity. We own all of our data centers, manage and maintain all components of our IT infrastructure and operations, and regularly subject ourselves to both client and third-party technology audits—all because we understand the importance of supporting our clients’ needs with peace of mind.

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