Diagnostics: Patient Insights On-Demand

On-Demand, Real-Time Analytics: Patient Insights On-Demand

The entirety of the healthcare ecosystem is undergoing a massive transformation driven by the shift from volume-based to value-based forces. From healthcare services to diagnostics, devices, and pharmaceuticals, the need to deliver and improve value is impacting all segments of healthcare. Data, its aggregation, analysis, and targeted application is the key to enabling the desired outcomes and economics within this new healthcare paradigm. To this need, Inovalon brings an unparalleled platform empowering the transformation of healthcare.

Inovalon is a cloud-based, analytics platform company empowering the healthcare ecosystem’s transition from volume to value. Our modular solutions leverage unparalleled proprietary datasets, advanced analytics, and data-driven intervention capabilities to assess and improve clinical & quality outcomes, utilization efficiency and financial performance. Payers, providers, pharma/life sciences, specialty pharmacy, and device manufacturers – all share the same need for data-driven insights to help drive meaningful business impact and improve care.

The Solution

To support this transition, organizations need the necessary insights to make better decisions. Inovalon’s diagnostics solutions provide patient-specific analytics with actionable insights that can be ordered on demand anywhere, anytime, empowered by the following key components:

  • Large Datasets: Inovalon harnesses the power of its proprietary dataset informed by clinical data pertaining to over 252 million unique patients and more than 39 billion medical events to enable comprehensive diagnostics.
  • Real-Time Analytics: Inovalon’s industry-leading, cloud-based solution delivers real-time patient-specific analytics on demand to provide actionable insights.
  • Seamless Integration: Inovalon’s modular platform can seamlessly integrate with any systems and platforms, such as EHRs, provider portals and more.
  • On-Demand Access: Providers can order diagnostics on-demand no matter where they are or when they need them.
  • Flexible Interface: Diagnostics reports provide an intuitive and flexible interface with customization capabilities to support the unique needs of organizations across the healthcare spectrum.

Data Insights

Inovalon’s diagnostics can provide an extensive array of patient-specific insights including the following components:

  • Medical History
  • Member/Patient Demographics
  • Disease Progression & Comorbidity Insights
  • Quality Measure Compliance & Eligibility
  • OR, Inpatient & ER Records
  • Encounter & Procedural
  • Prescription
  • Imaging Insights
  • Laboratory & Pathology
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL)
  • Cost

Integration Capability

To enable true modularity and flexibility Inovalon’s analytics seamlessly integrate with any platform or system depending on the organization’s needs, such as:


Improved Clinical and Quality Outcomes
Increased Utilization Efficiencies
Improved Financial Performance
Better Care Continuity
Accelerated Speed to Value

Healthcare Data Insights

Inovalon provides solutions that healthcare organizations require to quantify and contract against cost, quality, risk, and real-world effectiveness of their business solutions. With the unique combination of large scale real-world datasets, sophisticated cloud-based predictive and comparative analytics, data-driven solutions and deep subject matter expertise, Inovalon executes innovative value-based agreements and enables health economic and comparative effectiveness research, market intelligence, clinical trial recruitment, utilization analysis, and more, to achieve improved clinical and quality outcomes and financial performance. Learn More