Members/Patients & Consumers

Members/Patients & Consumers

The entirety of the healthcare ecosystem is undergoing a massive transformation driven by the shift from volume-based to value-based forces. From healthcare services to diagnostics, devices, and pharmaceuticals, the need to deliver and improve value is impacting all segments of healthcare. Data, its aggregation, analysis, and targeted application is the key to enabling the desired outcomes and economics within this new healthcare paradigm. To this need, Inovalon brings an unparalleled platform empowering the transformation of healthcare.

Inovalon is a cloud-based, analytics platform company empowering the healthcare ecosystem’s transition from volume to value. Our modular solutions leverage unparalleled proprietary datasets, advanced analytics, and data-driven intervention capabilities to assess and improve clinical & quality outcomes, utilization efficiency and financial performance. Payers, providers, pharma/life sciences, specialty pharmacy, and device manufacturers – all share the same need for data-driven insights to help drive meaningful business impact and improve care.

Member/patient engagement is integral for healthcare services payers and providers to be able to deliver the highest quality of care and promote preventive measures, while improving risk score accuracy and avoiding unnecessary costs. Inovalon offers an innovative member/patient engagement program driven by analytic insights that helps healthcare services payers and providers identify and engage members in an effective, targeted, and personalized manner to get them to complete a health assessment that helps close care gaps and improve care management, while promoting engagement and long-lasting relationships.

Engaging the Member/Patient – Setting the Foundation

The below approach outlines the components that make up Inovalon’s modular and flexible member/patient engagement program—from member choice to personalized communications support—that establishes and fosters engagement with identified and targeted members/patients.

Deep Analytic Insights

Inovalon’s approach leverages analytic insights and data-driven technologies that proactively identify gaps in care through documentation at the member level for meaningful impact.

This helps healthcare services payers and providers identify the right member, through the right venue, at the right time for targeted and efficient interventions to close care gaps and drive clinical and quality outcomes and improve financial performance.

Inovalon’s member engagement strategies are informed by Inovalon funded research studies aimed at understanding member/patient knowledge of and interest in health programs, motivators and detractors to participation, as well as member/patient response to different communications channels across Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial ACA membership.

Flexibility & Member/Patient Choice

To maximize completion rates, it is important to offer flexibility and choices that make it easy and convenient for members/patients to complete a health assessment.

Inovalon has multiple intervention venues members/patients can choose from that offer convenient scheduling times and locations for a personal health visit, leveraging physician relationships where possible:

  • Primary care physician’s office
  • Retail clinics
  • Member’s home

Personalized & Targeted Member Communications

Inovalon applies sophisticated analytics, strategies, and best practices to personalize and optimize targeted outreach and communications for members/patients to facilitate health assessments, health education, and treatment adherence.

Advanced analytics identifies the needs and characteristics required to engage the right members, through the right channels, at the right time. Inovalon applies a mix of traditional and digital channels to tailor the message in a dynamic and integrated, multi-channel approach to reach all the different audiences, from Medicare Advantage to managed Medicaid, to commercial ACA, in order to establish and foster meaningful relationships and ongoing engagement.

Member Incentives

Studies published in peer-reviewed, scientific journals show that incentives can greatly improve member/patient participation in health promotion programs.1-2 Federal regulations provide guidance on the use of incentives to drive member/patient engagement in health promotion programs.3

Inovalon offers a gift card incentive option healthcare services payers and providers can utilize to incentivize identified members to complete a health assessment. The program can be customized with a selection of gift cards for members to choose from, and the gift card will be mailed to members once they complete their health assessment.

Test & Learn Opportunity

To evolve member/patient engagement, there is a large opportunity in applying a test and learn approach to determine factors that increase participation and participation rates for member assessments that lead to healthier members and decreased costs.

Success Measures:
The success measures will be shown in increased scheduled health assessments, appointment show rates, participation rates, and quality outcomes.


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3. Applicable state, ACA and CMS guidelines and regulations should be consulted with respect to how incentives can be used with a specific health plan offering
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