Our Strengths

We have grown by attracting clients, accumulating larger and more robust datasets, and developing more advanced analytics from this growing dataset that deliver increasingly valuable insights and impact. By providing increasingly valuable insights and performing increasingly effective data-driven patient and provider interventions we are able to deliver greater value to our clients. As our data asset continues to grow, our analytics and intervention solutions become even more effective and our clients realize even more value from our solutions. This in turn results in greater demand for our solutions and attracts new clients. We believe that this virtuous cycle provides us with a competitive position that cannot be easily replicated.

We believe that our operational and financial success is based on the following key strengths:

Industry-Leading Analytics

We have over a decade of demonstrated performance and leadership in disease and comorbidity identification analytics, predictive model analytics, patient and provider intervention prioritization analytics, quality outcomes analytics, and a host of additional analytical and data-driven processes. We believe that no other organization is able to offer the depth and breadth of data-driven analytical insights, tools, and actionable interventions that our platform is able to offer.

Industry-Leading Data Asset

We maintain one of the industry’s largest independent datasets in our MORE2 Registry®, representing, as of June 2018, more than 39 billion medical events from over 252 million unique patients, 943,000 physicians, and 499,000 clinical facilities, touching 99.6% of all U.S. counties. The primary source nature of the contributing data, the clinical content depth of certain elements, the analytically-derived enrichments, the significant data integrity, and the ability to maintain accurate identification of entries and patient matching over time regardless of data source and chronology (a valuable characteristic within our datasets known as longitudinal matching) — all combine to create a unique and valuable asset. We believe that these datasets serve as a significant differentiator, informing analytical and product strength design, population simulations, health outcomes research, patient engagement, and both speed-to-market and speed-to-impact capabilities.

MORE2 Registry Growth

Fully Integrated End-To-End Solution Delivery

Our cloud-based, analytics platform is able to turn data into insights and insights into actionable interventions. Our platform covers a comprehensive range of services for our clients turning raw data into meaningful impact and allowing our clients to realize intervention benefits immediately following integration of our platform. The ability of our platform to integrate disparate and highly complex data to derive impactful and actionable insights has enabled us to bridge the gap from analytics to practical applications on a vast scale.

Scale of Organically Developed Platform

We have developed a highly efficient and scalable data and analytics platform that has successfully scaled to serve many of the nation’s largest health plans as well as hundreds of separate patient populations concurrently. This platform has been developed on one common code base, supporting strong interoperability within our platform, efficiency in association with innovating and expanding our platform capabilities, and establishing both beneficial predictability and reliability when operated at high levels of load. We operate enterprise-grade datacenters complemented by a cloud technology based architecture that allows massive, on-demand capacity expansion and speed of execution. We integrate directly with the EHRs of many clinical facilities, bringing analytics and insight to the point of care and decreasing the process burden on providers and clinical facilities. We have a leading nationwide intervention platform services footprint and are able to support our client partners in more than 99.6% of all U.S. counties, as of June 2018.

Subject Matter Expertise

We have, and plan to continue to cultivate, a culture of fostering domain expertise. We maintain a dedicated research team comprised of industry experts and thought leaders, including physicians, as well as clinical, statistical, economical, and data research scientists, and field practitioners who focus on next-generation healthcare solutions and data applications. In addition, we empower our product groups with their own industry experts who focus on research and development in their respective product domains. This subject matter expertise and leading research capabilities position us to stay at the forefront of industry innovations in data-driven healthcare interventions. This concentration of highly relevant subject matter expertise is uncommon in the market, and contributes to both our capabilities and our being called upon by clients, partners, and industry-leaders to address challenging and important questions.

Industry Innovator and Thought-Leader

We invest considerable time and resources to produce ground-breaking research and strategically share it through industry publications, peer presentations, strategic relationships, and the media. Leveraging our MORE2 Registry®, we provide healthcare insights for diverse audiences, thus driving visibility and credibility, and providing significant recognition for our toolsets, capabilities and innovation. Our MORE2 Registry® is routinely featured at high-profile industry events and within influential publications, which we believe further reinforces our brand as an industry innovator and thought-leader.

Long, Successful, Profitable Operating History

We have been delivering value to our clients while gaining scale and profitability for more than a decade. This scale and profitability has provided organizational stability, an empowerment to invest in ongoing research and development, an element of reassurance for existing clients and potential clients, and ready access to resources to meet our clients’ needs. We have been able to accomplish this in a manner conducive to client partnership through a variety of means, including the self-financing of individual client upfront project integration and start-up fees.