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Sustainability at Inovalon

Welcome to Inovalon’s inaugural Sustainability Report, which includes the Company’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) priorities.

As a mission-driven company at the intersection of technology and healthcare, Inovalon has been laser focused on building a world-class and sustainable enterprise that puts customers first while attracting the best talent in the industry. At the very core of our efforts is the drive to improve healthcare in such a way as to enable a more impactful and sustainable care delivery system.

Our customers are not only choosing Inovalon to become more productive and efficient, but they are also choosing us because of our long history of thoughtful governance and security of the data required to achieve this. We take great pride in a reputation forged by generating measurable value, meaningful impact, earned trust, and data stewardship that is second to none within the industry.

In the end, not only is our work dedicated to the improvement of care and its sustainability for hundreds of millions of individuals, we also believe that meeting our responsibilities to our stakeholders means taking care of our customers, associates, the communities we operate in, the environment and the deeply interconnected world we all call home.

We look forward to providing future periodic updates of this report that we hope will not only highlight what we are doing as a company to operate responsibly and sustainably but also will inspire you to join us on our mission as customers, associates, investors and good stewards of our planet.


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