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Close the gaps between your claims data, insights and actions

Think about a claims- or billing-related issue that you face on a regular basis. Denials. Audits and appeals. Missing reimbursements. Now, what do you need to tackle any of those problems?

You need to know they are happening, and you need the data and insights to resolve them fast.

If you’re using multiple claims management systems, it’s probably not a simple process to compile the data you need to manage cash flow projections or gather the information necessary to resolve many common claims and eligibility issues.

Regardless of how big or small an issue is, you need data and analytics to understand the challenge, find a solution and take action. With Inovalon, all of that information is available in one place, whether you are looking for real-time visibility of payments from a certain commercial payer or need automated alerts of ADRs and RAC audits.

Working together to create a powerful, integrated experience, ABILITY EASE® All-Payer and ABILITY EASE® Medicare deliver the market’s first all-payer dashboard that integrates both government and commercial claims workflows and access. With a single view of all transactions, you can maximize efficiency, save time and speed up reimbursements. Here’s how:


  • One application to view all claims transactions. Log in once and get the all-payer reports and data you need to keep claims and reimbursements moving.
  • True integration. Billers can write directly from the clearinghouse into DDE, saving time and eliminating waiting periods.
  • Customizable dashboards that highlight essential next steps. Get at-a-glance insight into your most important KPIs, the claims that need your attention, any factors that are lengthening days in A/R, and more.
  • Up-to-date payment details. Analyze detailed reimbursement data, including remit status, A/R aging, finalized claims and adjustment rates.
  • Custom reports in a few clicks. Simply select criteria to drill down to almost any level of detail about Medicare, Medicaid and commercial payer claims.


If you’re looking to trim the time and headaches currently associated with cobbling together revenue cycle reports from multiple sources, discover how Inovalon’s integrated approach can make a difference in reporting and reimbursements.

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By Inovalon