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How SNFs use technology to increase efficiency and improve resident experience

Skilled nursing facilities have been using myABILITY applications for more than a decade to increase efficiency, improve resident outcomes, ease reporting compliance and maximize reimbursements. ABILITY Network President and General Manager Bud Meadows recently provided insight in an interview with Skilled Nursing News as to how ABILITY has worked to understand the operations and needs of SNFs to create products that automate and ease clinical and administrative processes.


Meeting the administrative and clinical needs of SNFs

ABILITY has come a long way since its original platform, which simply connected providers to Medicare. Through evaluations of those transactions, it expanded to clinical and administrative areas that have made it a leader among skilled nursing facilities. With well-honed discipline, project management, distribution, development and support, ABILITY created a scalable system to support SNFs of all sizes. Today, our applications are used by more than 50,000 healthcare facilities.


Simplifying workflows

ABILITY understands that the SNF workflow doesn’t happen in isolation; residents most often present from hospitals that have separate workflows. By understanding the processes involved with SNF admissions, ABILITY automates the manual processes involved to make the transition from a hospital to a SNF simpler and more efficient. Because the administrative and clinical processes play a role in the quality of patient care, ABILITY applications automate both workflows.


Post-acute focus

Though ABILITY supports Medicare providers of all types, it maintains a special focus on post-acute facilities through applications that complement EHRs. Through that focus, ABILITY has forged meaningful partnerships with post-acute providers, enabling the development of products that meet the needs of those facilities.


Overcoming the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic

With the outbreak of the pandemic, skilled nursing facilities faced a heightened need for infection monitoring and reporting. ABILITY INFECTIONWATCH became a go-to tool for tracking during the public health emergency. The application allows for easy reporting of COVID-19 tests, cases and vaccinations. ABILITY INFECTIONWATCH as well as ABILITY CAREWATCH also allow facilities to track and manage quality measures for quicker identification of PDPM components to better capture revenue opportunities.

To gain more insight into how ABILITY supports SNFs, read the full Skilled Nursing News article.

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