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Coronavirus: How Inovalon is Responding to the Global Pandemic

by Paige Kilian, M.D., VP and Chief Medical Officer, on March 13, 2020
Paige Kilian, M.D., VP and Chief Medical Officer

As COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, continues to proliferate around the world, Inovalon has been following the situation closely. We understand that it is affecting our communities in a variety of ways, and our leaders are working round the clock to ensure the safety and health of our employees, our clients’ and partners’ personnel and the patients they serve. Also of primary importance is our ability to maintain continuity of business operations to serve our client’s and their patients’ needs.

To do so, Inovalon is:

  • Actively monitoring CDC, WHO and the Maryland Department of Public Health websites to ensure accurate information is shared in a timely manner. Inovalon is committed to following the guidance of these expert resources including our Chief Medical Officer and her consultations with relevant experts.
  • Activating our Business Continuity Plan, including regular involvement of key Inovalon personnel and daily Business Continuity Strategy meetings.
  • Collaborating continuously with policy and regulatory authorities to discuss potential policy adjustments that may be required to accommodate the unique circumstances of this crisis.
  • Regularly communicating to Inovalon employees regarding our Business Continuity plans and workplace hygiene as recommended by the CDC. We have recommunicated protocols to reduce the spread of infection and have outlined onsite and work from home procedures.
  • Instituting workplace modifications, including the addition of hand sanitizers and cleaning products throughout the work facility for use by our employees. We have also outlined protocols to reduce the risk of spreading infection such as social distancing where possible.

In addition, we have outlined restrictions on non-essential travel, successfully tested and executed work-at-home business continuity scenarios, ensured employee back up/replacement plans are ready to be activated in the event of any absenteeism, and engaged in communications/coordination with our partner organizations to review their response and Business Continuity plans.

Business as Usual

Inovalon’s cloud-enabled computing environment supports delivery of Inovalon services regardless of where our teams are physically located. Our team is fully equipped to handle client processing needs in any business continuity scenario.

As you assess your own preparedness and business continuity plans and consider how your own organization must adjust under these extenuating circumstances, we are eager to advise and assist, and our Business Development and Service Representatives are happy to help.

We thank you for the continued trust you place with Inovalon. We will provide updates as circumstances dictate. If you have any questions regarding Inovalon’s COVID-19 Response Plan, please contact us at

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