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Experiences That Matter

Experiences That Matter

Every year, our industry recognizes Customer Experience (CX) Day as a day to celebrate the many support individuals that focus on providing an exceptional experience for our customers. At Inovalon, we put a strong emphasis on the Total Customer Experience and we work to ensure each interaction with our associates or applications is efficient, helpful, and valuable.

Last year for CX Day I wrote about  Success Is More than Just Outcomes, and I am proud of all of the advancements and efforts we have made during this time. Personalized experiences are being taken to a new level as our team continues to respond to the needs of our customers. Our mission to create highly differentiated, impactful interactions throughout every stage of a customer’s journey is not always easy, but has certainly been worth the effort. Observing the efforts and outcomes we are driving, makes me incredibly grateful to be a leader for this team. We continue to experiment and learn rapidly, and it is exciting to see the responses from our customers like these:

“… despite how many times I call or for whatever reason, I am treated as if solving my issues is the most important thing of the day.”

“…I love love love working with my customer support representative. He has so much patience and is so kind. Definitely an asset to your department!!”

When it comes to creating a great customer experience, nothing makes as great of an impact as someone that shows how much they care in solving problems and offering guidance.

Ultimately, it comes down to the success of the customers we serve. The combination of achieving desired outcomes and providing a stellar Total Customer Experience creates true success. We have expanded our offerings to include eLearning, User Experience projects, guided tours within applications, an online Help Center and leverage voice of the customer feedback that is incorporated into product roadmaps and future development efforts. Feedback like the following highlights how meaningful this focus on experience can be:

“This was pretty awesome and exceeded my expectations. Truly appreciate the guided tour…”

“Thank you for going the extra mile to surpass my user experience…”

On behalf of the entire team, we pause today not only to celebrate the experiences we are shaping, but more importantly, to thank the many customers who share their experiences so Inovalon can be the best partner we can be for your business. We strive to consistently and dependably achieve the outcomes your business needs while providing exceptional experiences throughout and your feedback is always welcome! If you have more to share, you can leave your feedback here. We are eager to respond to your suggestions and we are energized by your encouragement.

Happy CX Day, everyone!

By Ryan Davidsen, SVP Of Client Success & Pre-sales Engineering