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Four qualities to look for in an RCM partner

Efficient workflows through automation

The labor shortage is real. Your customers are likely affected and your own enterprise may even be struggling.

More of your clients are turning to technology to make up for staff shortages. If your clients’ RCM personnel can’t keep up, automating many of their routine, time-consuming tasks can make a huge difference to their bottom line.

Nearly 80% of healthcare systems are either implementing or already using automation,1 but developing your own automation solution for your customers would become a lengthy and expensive endeavor – labor shortage or not. The right RCM partner has already done the work and can offer you a trusted, proactive solution at a fraction of that cost.

Finding the right RCM partner who already has proven automation products can reduce or eliminate the time and cost you would incur in developing a solution. And by offering these products to your customers, you’ll also save them the effort and expense of bringing new products to market. A successful partnership can offer customizable solutions that meet your customers’ unique needs, streamlining their existing workflows while providing additional capabilities that improve their systems instead of replacing them.

One system for all claims

When you work with a single RCM partner, all applications work together because they are built to complement one another. Instead of forcing staff to jump from portal to portal gathering claims and eligibility data from disparate systems, they have a single source of truth at their fingertips.

Payment reform is here, so help your customers enhance their bottom line by consolidating their vendors under one umbrella that covers all aspects of their RCM.

By using just one system and one login, customers gain the ability to quickly verify insurance coverage and benefits, create accurate claims that adhere to payer rules, track claims status, and collect reimbursement through various payment options.

From patient intake to final payment, the right RCM partner offers your customers a one-stop shop for simpler and more efficient workflows.

Click here to see how one RCM partner empowers their customers through consolidation.

Ease of use

It doesn’t matter how many bells and whistles a system has if it’s confusing or difficult to use. If staff don’t want to use the technology, it’s not going to improve your customers’ operations.

The right RCM partner should offer solutions that simplify the processes and workflows your customers face daily. Helping with claims processing, corrections, and/or secondary claims submissions, or automatically updating applications with payer rule changes or regulatory updates are areas where the right technologies can have a huge impact.

How did the right RCM partner simplify these processes for Invicta Health Solutions customers? Discover how here.

Customer service

Let’s say you’ve narrowed the partner field down. Those still in the running can automate your customers’ workflows and offer them one easy-to-use system for all claims. How do you choose? What’s the tipping point?

Outstanding customer service.

Look for an RCM partner who is:

    • Committed. You want a partner who maintains a relationship with your organization – one who doesn’t just make the sale and move on to the next one.
    • Responsive. The best technology is of no use to your customers if nobody can access the support they need right when they need it. For example, make sure the partner offers dedicated account support and can turn around business rules in 48 hours or less.
    • Experienced. Make sure your partner is established and has expertise in your industry.
    • Diversified. The right partner has a breadth of product offerings that impact every step of the revenue cycle.

Inovalon (formerly ABILITY Network) is an established RCM expert with 20 years of trusted industry partnerships. We provide knowledgeable experts who know your applications inside and out, and who will work with you to fix any issues and get you back on track. No more calling multiple vendors to try to identify the source of a problem.

From patient intake to payment, we make it easy for our partners and their customers. As healthcare’s most trusted data-driven RCM partner, we provide our partners and their customers access to the nation’s largest primary source dataset to improve RCM outcomes with real-time data.

There’s a reason why our customers remain our customers. Let our partner team show you why!

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1 “Automation in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Operations Jumps from 66% to 78% in Less Than a Year,” Akasa Press Release, August 19, 2021,

By Inovalon