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Point-of-Care Platforms Drive Better Diagnostics, Treatment and Quality Care

December 5, 2016

Increased value. Better health outcomes. Lower costs. The Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s triple aim approach to healthcare has resulted in meaningful changes in healthcare delivery. Paramount among the drivers of this change is the need for greater access to patient data. Point-of-care analytics help providers improve health outcomes and care quality, while increasing efficiencies and financial performance.

Not There Yet

Frustration with data gaps and lags is evident in a study conducted by Inovalon and Quest Diagnostics. In this study, 65% of physicians surveyed said they don’t have all the healthcare information they need about their patients. Moreover, 85% of physicians surveyed said they are likely or very likely to use a tool that provides on-demand patient-specific data.

But Getting Closer

Tools and platforms that are designed to bring data-driven insights to the point of care can help meet this growing demand for patient-specific data.

For example, point-of-care decision and documentation support platforms that deliver analytically derived, member-level insights to providers enable more efficient and effective assessments and regulatory-compliant SOAP notes.

Another important element needed to successfully leverage patient data is the ability to see patient-specific, real-time analytics that can be accessed on demand by clinicians at the point of care within their existing workflow. Such reports help identify care gaps to enhance the patient encounter and improve clinical quality outcomes, utilization efficiency and financial performance.

A final key component needed for better diagnostics and treatment is EHR interoperability. A platform that can integrate with EHR systems and automatically retrieve targeted medical record documentation for quality and risk score accuracy can drive significant impact.

Proven Effectiveness

Seeking to assess the effectiveness of point-of-care platform solutions designed to reliably identify and close gaps in documentation, Inovalon collaborated with a large state health plan to assess which of three platforms is most effective in helping resolve risk adjustment accuracy gaps.

The analysis revealed that assessments facilitated by Inovalon’s ePASS® platform yielded a significantly greater risk score accuracy improvement for the health plan than assessments through other platforms, with a potential reimbursement per SOAP note that was 105% higher.

We live in a hyper-connected world, where we receive email on our phones in seconds and watch breaking news as they happen online. Yet, the amount of time spent waiting for doctor’s appointments or test results is frustrating to patients and providers alike. Platforms that deliver point-of-care analytics can change this, helping providers deliver better care more quickly. With today’s healthcare environment primed to leverage data-driven insights, meaningful improvements to clinical and quality outcomes, cost efficiencies, and better financial performance is literally at our fingertips.

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