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Understanding the 5 Core Principles of Digital Transformation in Healthcare

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Technology has the power to transform consumers in various industries, from retail and travel to personal finance, and now, healthcare. But for healthcare organizations to reap the value of the industry’s long-awaited evolution, it’s important to understand the core principles of digital transformation in healthcare that make data and technology meaningful and impactful for patients and those across the industry that serve them.

The five core principles of digital transformation are:

  • Capabilities and Resources
  • Patient Centricity
  • Agile Technology and Cloud Infrastructure
  • Data Security and Encryption
  • Value

Capabilities and Resources

Clearly knowing your capabilities and resources is critical for digital transformation. For Inovalon, our biggest resource in this area is our vast data assets powered by the MORE2 Registry, which combines data from 150+ payers, one million physicians, and other sources to a total repository of more than 348 million unique lives and 68 billion medical events.

However, it’s not just the amount of data we have, but the uniqueness of our data, our analytical capabilities, and extensive connectivity. Our connectivity across providers and EHR systems further enhances our ability to empower customers’ data analytics and interoperability efforts. Not to mention, our partnerships with CareQuality and CommonWell are truly differentiated resources.

For customers, the combination of these capabilities and resources becomes an extension of their in-house data, analytics, and subject matter expertise, significantly advancing their digital transformation.

Patient Centricity

Patient centricity is a healthcare challenge we can help solve. API outputs that can be provided should center around the patient’s needs – whether it’s allergies, diagnoses, labs, medication for ambulatory systems, all patient history for electronic health records (EHRs), or filling in a blank page for a patient on a new telehealth platform. The API capabilities of Inovalon DataStream® API can solve any of these needs, and the beauty of it is we do not have to create a separate API for each use case. This is because of the power of FHIR – fast healthcare interoperability resources.

Agile Technology and Cloud Infrastructure

An agile and cloud infrastructure that enables data assets to be shared quickly, securely, and in a streamlined fashion is a must-have. We’ve done the legwork for you by arranging our complex data assets into a simplified cloud infrastructure and architecture that powers the real-time data access delivered through our platform. The diagram below demonstrates this.

Data Security and Encryption

Although it’s fourth on the list, the most important principle is data security. Simply put, it’s your trust in a digital device and its ability to securely guard your data as you interact with it. At Inovalon, we take data security seriously, with over 1,000 protocols and security checks performed to ensure data is managed responsibly.


The final core principle of digital transformation in healthcare is value. This is basically why Inovalon DataStream exists. The consumer, which could be a patient as the end-user or a provider treating the patient, can gain significant value from real-time, authorized data sharing.

For the patient, it means less time filling out forms and guessing if the information is accurate. Instead, they can go into their visit trusting their provider has all they need for an accurate, valuable assessment.

For the provider, it means having access to a patient’s entire health history, even if it’s their first time seeing the patient. They can fully understand prescriptions and medication adherence, lab tests and results, and more valuable details – all from one source, without having to spend hours gathering and making sense of all that patient data.

FHIR-Enabled Patient Data Enrichment

This image displays the power of APIs to drive the digital transformation of healthcare. Through Inovalon DataStream, fast access to authorized, relevant data empowers real-life positive impact for providers and patients.

Applying the Core Principles of Digital Transformation in Healthcare

We know the combination of innovative technology and healthcare data can transform how healthcare works.

At Inovalon, the principles of digital transformation outlined above guide product development and enhancements for many of the solutions within the Inovalon ONE® Platform to deliver customer value and innovation.

Contact us today for more information about our solutions.

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