Powerful real-world data

Generate meaningful insights and evidence with high-quality, diverse data.

Extensive Primary Source Data

Identify endless reasons your product is superior – backed by real-world data and evidence. Determining what data to use for your study is time-consuming and difficult. Incorporating data from a primary source dataset can save valuable time and resources while enriching research and creating valuable evidence.

Data Collective Highlights

3 Keys to Conducting an Incredible Real-World Study:

  1. Representative data: Inovalon’s tokenized real-world data spans 160+ sources across all 50 states plus D.C. and Puerto Rico, including claims data across all plan types and care settings to guarantee an all-encompassing study design.
  2. Diverse populations: With the ability to link race and ethnicity, and social determinants of health data, Inovalon Real-World Data provides inclusive study tools to analyze outcomes in all populations.
  3. Longitudinal data: Inovalon’s longitudinal primary source data offers a clear view of a patient’s health history and outcomes, creating better pathways from study connections to real-world insights.

Learn More About Our Real-World Data Features:

Healthcare Data Extracts

Gain access to healthcare data extracts that fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for open or closed data, our extensive industry-leading dataset can help supplement your data, inform research, expand your insights, and more.

Real-World Evidence

Generate real-world evidence with the opportunity to integrate SDOH and claims-based data. Or, start your research with a curated dataset from our primary source MORE2 Registry®.

HEOR Market Access

Perform comparative and cost-effectiveness analysis with real-world value substantiation to show effectiveness of drugs in the market. Use primary source data for your evidence generation strategy, value assessment strategy, and evidence synthesis.

Commercial Analytics

See the real-world patient journey and apply that data for market sizing, payer mix, share analyses, provider segmentation and targeted, and patient support evaluation.

Clinical Trial Optimization

Inform your trial design with diverse, representative data focused on subsets of patients that meet your criteria. Use data for site selection, to improve trial diversity, and inform recruitment and outreach.

Epidemiology Assessment

Conduct epidemiology assessments using primary source data to better understand burden of disease and health disparities.

Predictive Analytics

Supplement your data with curated datasets to perform statistical data mining and predictive modeling, and machine learning and artificial intelligence-based algorithm development and deployment. Create custom data lakes with embedded and tailored analytics support.

Quality Improvement

Develop quality measures and benchmark performance between health plans or between providers with clinically-rich data that accounts for social risk factors.

Detailed Data Elements

Our data elements include:
• Data from hospitals, pharmacies, health plans, and other sites of care
• Hospital NPIs
• Geographic coverage; we cover 99.6% of the U.S. and Puerto Rico
• Proxy estimates of costs for services

Benefits of Inovalon Real-World Data

Our primary source, real-world dataset is flexible. You determine the data configuration; we provide the applicable data and the extracts are customized to your specific needs. Inovalon data is curated from real-world evidence for volume, quality, reach, and representativeness. All data is tokenized and undergoes over 1,100 integrity checks, with industry standard practices applied for consistency, quality assurance, and ease of integration with other data sources.


Fill Gaps in Your Data

Close knowledge gaps and reduce bias with diverse, representative patient data across geography, demographics, and race/ethnicity (47M+ patients with race/ethnicity) – all from 160+ primary sources.


Improve Clinical Insights

Leverage deidentified data to build comprehensive patient profiles enabled by patient health data covering over half of the U.S. insured population.


Link Disparate Datasets

Compliantly link siloed datasets to establish a longitudinal patient and provider view.


Inform Patient Engagement Strategies

Advance the effectiveness of patient engagement initiatives with access to aggregated enrollment data available monthly.


Leverage Pre-Cut Data Extracts

Access therapeutic extracts across multiple conditions, geographic extracts across all 50 states plus D.C. and Puerto Rico, and claims detail across commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare.

Expand Your Reach

Understand the complete patient journey with extensive, clinically rich data.


Authorized, real-world data is compiled from 160+ sources across all 50 states plus D.C. and Puerto Rico, compiled into one secure set of tokenized data.


Claim transactions data spans more than half of the total U.S. insured population across Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial coverage and 1M+ providers.


95M+ unique covered lives over a 12-month period and 174M+ unique covered lives over 5 years.

47M+ patients with race/ethnicity.

Drive Meaningful Impact

Join our customers who are utilizing greater data insights to inform and empower their strategic initiatives.

Observational Research

Conduct retrospective analyses, descriptive or comparative epidemiological studies, and burden/cost-of-illness studies.

Health Economics Outcomes Research

Position your organization for success with data-informed budget impact and cost-effectiveness modeling and payment bundling simulations.

Market Forecasting

Inform your strategy and accelerate speed to market by staying on top of the latest utilization trends and changes in the market.

About Inovalon

Inovalon is a leading provider of cloud-based software solutions empowering data-driven healthcare. The Inovalon ONE® Platform brings together national-scale connectivity, real-time primary source data access, and advanced analytics into a sophisticated cloud-based platform empowering improved outcomes and economics across the healthcare ecosystem. The company’s analytics and capabilities are used by more than 20,000 customers and are informed by the primary source data of more than 73 billion medical events across one million physicians, 631,000 clinical settings, and 362 million unique patients. For more information, visit www.inovalon.com.