Inovalon Pharmacy Cloud

Streamline pharmacy operations and improve clinical performance with automated processing, real-time data exchange, and electronic decision support.

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Inovalon Pharmacy Cloud

Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

ScriptMed® is used to service 7 of the top 10 U.S. specialty pharmacy companies.

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ScriptMed® Cloud

Reduce time and cost to fill with real-time healthcare connectivity, advanced analytics, and automated processing.

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ScriptMed® Clinical Protocols

Access clinical protocols and patient-specific insights to identify the best possible interventions and escalations to achieve optimal health outcomes.

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ScriptMed® Interchange

Streamline communications and information exchange between partners and approved entities authorized to participate in Interchange Transactions.


Inovalon Data Cloud Products

Drive better health outcomes and economics, informed by diverse, longitudinally linkable data.

Inovalon DataStream® API

Improve the patient experience and care coordination with comprehensive, patient-specific data at the point of care.

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Healthcare Data Lake

Combine structured and unstructured data with applicable Inovalon data extracts in a secure data lake to improve healthcare outcomes and economics.

Inovalon Consumer Health Gateway™

Give members quick, reliable access to their health data, enabled by a secure, compliant solution.

Real-World Data

Accelerate research and improve healthcare outcomes with longitudinally linkable, deidentified data.

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