ScriptMed® Interchange

Streamline communications and information exchange between partners and approved entities authorized to participate in Interchange Transactions.

Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

Enables unmatched functionality and financial benefits for the specialty pharmacy marketplace and patients served.


ScriptMed® Interchange is an Application Programming Interface (API) that employs synchronized, protocol-driven workflows that enable secure data sharing among pharmacy and healthcare partners.

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Bi-Directional Communication

Expedite patients’ start of therapy and continuation of therapy by synchronizing bi-directional eReferrals, statuses, and other patient-centric data exchanges.

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De-Identified Patient Tracking

Establish de-identified longitudinal patient tracking among Specialty Pharmacy Network partners.

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Guaranteed Delivery

Ensure guaranteed delivery using automated fail-over and generation of fax documents.


Decrease the number of patient therapy days, improve patient outcomes, and expedite prescription processing while reducing operational costs.

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Superior Pharmacy Efficiencies

Increase operational efficiencies and reduce manual data-entry errors with electronic entry.

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Agnostic Work-Flow Integration

Easily integrate workflow to other collaborative data exchanges.

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Program-Specific Start Form Data

Improve efficiency and add value to the tracking and reporting process.

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One Connection to ScriptMed

Interchange provides access to many different partners with a single API.


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