Healthcare Propensity to Pay Software

Healthcare propensity to pay software that identifies each patients’ best payment options based on their unique ability and likelihood to pay.

Patient Financial Clearance, Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

Delivering the insights you need to collect patient payments with confidence, enabled by fast, sophisticated search technology.


Realize the power of patient identity verification combined with custom propensity to pay scoring in one easy-to-use, cloud-based healthcare application. Lower the risk of uncompensated care and collect more revenue with more patient data readily available to make better-informed billing decisions.

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Accurate patient data

Decrease billing delays and prevent medical records mistakes by improving screening at the start of the patient access process.

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Better financial performance

Collect as much revenue as possible and minimize bad debt by offering the most suitable payment option for every patient.

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Efficient billing processes

Save time on billing activities and lower days in A/R by proactively identifying the best path to payment at the start of the revenue cycle.


Reduce the time you spend chasing payments and provide a better overall patient experience with healthcare propensity to pay software that gives you the insights you need to collect with confidence.

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Fast, in-depth patient details

Quickly understand patient propensity to pay and set custom parameters giving staff clear instructions on what steps to take next in billing.

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Enhanced flexibility

Replace a one-way approach to billing with individualized payment options based on the unique financial needs of each patient.

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Seamless workflow connections

Make propensity to pay an easy step in the revenue cycle by connecting with other Inovalon provider solutions to enhance functionality and save time.

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Improved patient experience

Ease patients’ payment frustrations and increase their satisfaction by curating their billing options to best fit their personal needs.

How it Works

Fast, simple propensity to pay scoring simplifies billing decisions for staff and enhances the patient experience, all with just a few clicks and custom business rules.

Collect key patient details with accuracy and speed.

Patient Financial Clearance allows providers of all sizes to meet patients where they are, creating more payment flexibility for both providers and patients. The application checks the patient’s identity and address against credit bureau data to assess their ability and likelihood to pay – while also flagging any inconsistencies in patient data that may have been missed in other parts of the revenue cycle.

The results of each inquiry are presented in an easy-to-understand scoring model. Staff can then determine what the best payment options are for each patient based on your organization’s custom-set business rules. Overall, billers gain clarity and efficiency in every patient discussion, and patients get the peace of mind to choose between payment options that fit their financial needs.

Real-World Applications

Understand the financial needs of every patient and establish the best path to payment with a detailed understanding of their propensity to pay, in every care setting.

Ambulatory providers

Have personalized payment discussions with all the patients you see, informed by one simple inquiry that delivers insightful financial details.

Acute care

Capture as much out-of-pocket revenue as possible by curating payment options for every patient.

Home health and skilled nursing

Improve revenue performance by allowing patients and residents to pay their balances however works best for them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast does this software assess a patient’s likelihood to pay?

Our healthcare propensity to pay software provides a new account score once the appropriate patient information is filled in. This, combined with custom rules that you set based on score ranges, helps determine a patient’s likelihood to pay and the best potential payment methods.

How do we establish desired actions for a new account score?

Admin-level users in the application can set custom ranges and rules for all staff to reference when determining patients’ propensity to pay.

What if patient information is incorrect? For example, the patient address or date of birth (DOB)?

The results shown after the patient information is run will flag any discrepancies in patient details.


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