Physician Scheduling Software

Cloud-based physician scheduling software to transform physician scheduling complexity into smart, user-friendly interactions.

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ABILITY SMARTFORCE® Physician empowers staff – including managers, staffing coordinators, physicians, and more – with automated, collaborative, and simplified software to seamlessly handle scheduling.


ABILITY SMARTFORCE Physician is a cloud-based, fully mobile application that simplifies the unique complexities associated with physician scheduling. This powerful, rules-based software streamlines the process of creating and managing fair and balanced schedules for providers.

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Streamlined scheduling and request management

Manage schedules by facility or enterprise-wide on a single screen with Super View. Stay on top of requests with the ability to view and approve from anywhere via mobile device, tablet, or computer.

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Automated, rules-based scheduling

Sophisticated algorithms increase efficiency by generating schedules that consider individual and customer-defined preferences, count and weekend requirements, consecutive days, and gaps.

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Optimized and respectful communication

Eliminate phone calls and fill shifts quickly by enabling physicians to view schedules, track commitments, receive open shift alerts, swap shifts, and make time off requests – all with a mobile device.


With ABILITY SMARTFORCE Physician, you can eliminate hours spent on the phone managing schedules and empower your physicians to easily collaborate in the scheduling process.

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Accelerate and simplify the scheduling process

Define scheduling patterns with templates and a rules engine, and automatically create draft schedules based on physician and organization preferences.

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Empower managers and leaders with real-time data

Improve scheduling insight and oversight with instant, role-based access to commitment data and visibility to see and manage schedules enterprise-wide.

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Improve physician collaboration in scheduling

Physicians can receive notifications, view and manage schedules, and collaborate with colleagues from their mobile phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

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Enhance visibility through executive reporting

Keep leaders informed with dashboards and reports that offer visibility across units, departments, facilities, and enterprises.

How it Works

ABILITY SMARTFORCE Physician provides a cloud-based approach to scheduling that streamlines communication and enables easy, secure access to manage schedules from anytime, anywhere.

Let our software do the heavy lifting for you.

Scheduling from the palm of your hand:

    • Anytime, anywhere access to view schedules and take immediate action via mobile phone, tablet or computer
    • View and manage staffing house-wide from one screen with Super View

Real-time communication and updates:

    • Native app for iOS and Android with notifications
    • Send announcements and broadcast open shift needs to qualified staff via text message, email, or native app
    • Immediately view and respond to staff requests via mobile device or computer
    • No lag time – changes made from anywhere are instantly updated across the system

Seamless scheduling management:

    • Define varying commitment types and durations, such as total number of shifts, number of holiday shifts, number of on-call shifts, and number of weekend shifts per physician
    • Auto-generate draft schedules that consider all predefined rules for a given period, with the capability to review and publish or generate a new draft
    • Use templates to quickly build schedules
    • Track commitment compliance in real time as you schedule, and for the long term through reports
    • Simplified integration with other HR systems

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