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Changing the Game: Innovations Delivering Value to the MRR Process

Innovations Delivering Value to the MRR Process | Speakers: Lavonna Bowman, Director, Product Solutions; Daniel Wang, Senior Solutions Engineer | Date: August 21, 2018

A successful medical record retrieval and review process requires a data-driven strategy that accelerates speed to value and reduces operational burden. Delivering actionable insights 10 times faster and at a cost up to 70 percent less than manual retrieval, Inovalon is delivering significant operational and cost efficiencies to its clients through its automated solutions.

In this webinar, learn how Inovalon’s innovative solutions can help your organization improve project completion rates and rate performance through automation and the delivery of timely, actionable insights.

If you would like to see how Inovalon is leveraging advanced, data-driven technologies to drive client success in the MRR process, please contact us today to set up time to speak with one of our subject matter experts.

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