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The Data-Driven Enterprise: Drive Growth and Deliver Value

Speakers: Fred Bentley, VP, Avalere; Stephen Scott, Director, Avalere | Date: November 8, 2017

As healthcare providers assume greater accountability for care provided within their four walls and beyond, provider executives need deep insight into the cost and quality performance of their facilities and their partners across the care continuum. With one of the largest proprietary commercial datasets in the US and access to 100% of Medicare Part A, Part B, and Part D fee-for-service claims, Avalere arms physician groups, health systems, and post-acute providers with essential data to elevate their strategic, financial and clinical performance. Learn from our experts to understand how our unparalleled data assets and capabilities can support your organization to:

  • Capture greater market share by understanding referral patterns and your organization’s performance relative to competitors
  • Assess network performance against optimal regional benchmarks to inform growth and management strategies
  • Evaluate outcomes under new care management  programs
  • Quantify the opportunities and risks under any value-based payment model

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