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2020 Star Ratings: Quality Excellence Accelerating Consumer-Centric Care

Speakers: Sean Creighton, Managing Director, Avalere Health & Kris Volrath, Vice President, Platform Design & Operations, Inovalon | Date: October 2019

Over the past decade, enrollment in Medicare Advantage (MA) plans has nearly doubled. With more than 400 new MA health plans entering the market, there is greater competition for health plans across the MA market.

In this webinar, our Star Ratings experts analyze MA market performance and provide data-driven insights into the 2020 Star Ratings release. Learn what challenges and opportunities lie ahead and take home actionable strategies to improve operational and quality performance while fostering a strong focus on consumer-centric care.

Inovalon delivers 76% of the nation’s clinical and quality outcomes measurement analytics. Contact us to learn how leveraging our comparative analytics, built from one of the industry’s largest proprietary datasets, has helped MA plans see an average 0.5 Star Rating increase year over year.

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