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Real-World Data


Curated, primary-sourced real-world data sets are among the largest, most diverse, and representative in the industry, providing a more complete and accurate view of the full patient journey

Speed time to impact with research and market insights derived from diverse and representative deidentified, primary-sourced real-world data. Uncover patient and provider trends that accelerate discovery for advancing patient care and outcomes and realizing commercial success.

Discover New Insights with Detailed Data Elements

  • Deidentified patient, claim, payer, provider, and diagnoses/procedure-level detail
  • Geographically representative covering all 50 states, D.C., Puerto Rico, and 99.6% of U.S. Counties
  • Longitudinally linkable coverage across Commercial, Medicaid, Medicare
  • More than 47 million patients with race/ethnicity selected
  • National Provider Identifier (NPI) available
  • Over 40% of U.S. insured population
  • Open and closed primary-sourced data

Reliable and Accurate Data Insights Support Your Real-World Data Needs

You determine the data configuration. We provide the data. Insights data sets are flexible and extracts are customized for your specific real-world data applications. Insights data is curated from our primary-sourced real-world data for volume, quality, reach, and representativeness, applying industry standards and definitions for consistency, quality assurance, and ease of integration with other data sources. We perform 1,100 data integrity checks to ensure consistency and accuracy.


Sample Extract:


Total number of patients with Hepatitis over a 2-year lookback

Coagulation with Hemophilia A

Sample Extract:


Total number of patients with Coagulation with Hemophilia A over a 2-year lookback

Breast Cancer

Sample Extract:


Total number of patients with Breast Cancer over a 2-year lookback


Sample Extract:


Total number of patients with Diabetes over a 2-year lookback

Pre-cut Extract Details


Therapeutic Extracts

Change the course of care for patient populations while achieving clinical and commercial success. Inovalon Insights pre-cut data extracts contain the scale, breadth and depth needed to conduct high quality research and make more informed decisions, no matter where your team is in the drug development lifecycle. Therapeutic extracts are available across multiple conditions including Hepatitis, Breast Cancer, Dementia, Diabetes, and Hemophilia. Conditions are defined using Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) definitions for consistency, ease of integration with other data sources, and quality assurance. Therapeutic extracts are additionally customizable by condition and recency.

Geographic Extracts

Analyze patient disease and treatment patterns from all 50 states plus D.C. and Puerto Rico. Pull data based on a patient’s residence, 3-digit zip code and provider location and compare across health condition, ethnicity and payer type. Use this information to track regional trends and policies, monitor large-scale changes and adjust treatment patterns and strategies to improve the quality of care.

Payer Type Extracts

Insights data spans unparalleled coverage across Commercial, Medicare, and Medicaid payer types. Measure and compare volume of patients seen by specific providers across a location, analyze treatment effects by payer, or tailor analysis for your unique need. Payer type data is available on a daily or monthly basis for time-sensitive insights.

In the ever-evolving and increasingly competitive life sciences market, Inovalon Insights allows you to conduct your research with confidence in your data sources, develop novel treatments that improve patient outcomes and track and monitor your product development strategy with deeper, powerful, and compelling insights.

Launching in a Virtual Environment Case Study

Insights for Real-World Evidence

  • Monitor the patient journey, disease landscape, and the effectiveness of therapeutic strategies


  • Identify gaps in care and unmet patient needs


  • Conduct HEOR studies to identify disease burden, treatment effectiveness, comparative effectiveness, optimal pricing, and reimbursement and coverage potential


  • Plan, develop, and monitor your brand strategy by sizing and characterizing your target markets from the disease and treatment pattern perspective


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