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Automated Medical Record Retrieval & Review

Maximizing Value through Expansive Connectivity

Putting data to work to empower the achievement of better clinical outcomes and financial performance is at the core of succeeding in today’s data-driven healthcare ecosystem. Leveraging Inovalon’s extensive connectivity network through the Inovalon ONE® Platform, we improve quality outcomes and financial performance for health plans, health systems and a variety of other healthcare stakeholders.

As streamlined data exchange across multiple stakeholders becomes integral in a patient’s care journey, automated access to comprehensive medical record data provides the foundation for more informed clinical decision making, enhanced care coordination and a more valuable patient experience.

How we're different

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Expansive Connectivity: We have invested years in the real-time connectivity of the Inovalon ONE® Platform with many electronic healthcare record platforms that touch more than 170,000 physicians and their medical records. This breadth of connectivity is growing every day and allows us to access the data you need rapidly without causing provider friction and also while lowering costs.

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Trained on Massive Datasets: The natural-language processing capabilities of the Inovalon ONE® Platform have been trained by more than 90 million pages of clinical medical records and more than a decade of validation review results.

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Compliant Results: There is more to autonomously aggregating and analyzing clinical data than the ability to simply connect and collect ones and zeros. Doing so in a fashion that will produce results that stand the scrutiny of regulatory requirements and associated audit standards introduces an extra—and very important—layer of complexity. We are highly experienced in this arena with nearly 20 years in undertaking processes in manners compliant with audit standards so that the impact achieved by your hard work is not deemed invalid in the heat of regulatory reviews.

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Deep Subject-matter Expertise: We have deep expertise in the clinical content that constitutes medical records, the regulatory elements of quality measures and risk adjustment models and compliance, and the technology of deep-learning platforms. It is through a combination of these elements that our capabilities bring not only operational benefits of speed and cost reduction but also the valuable content analysis and regulatory peace of mind.


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