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Clinical Data Extraction

Maximizing Value through Expansive Connectivity

As streamlined data exchange across multiple stakeholders becomes integral in a patient’s care journey, automated access to comprehensive clinical record data provides the foundation for more informed decision-making, enhanced care coordination and a more valuable patient experience. With extensive connectivity to EHRs, HIEs and more than 217,000 providers combined with our massive proprietary datasets containing more than 278 million unique patients and nearly 46 billion medical events, Inovalon’s clinical data extraction solution requires only a patient target list to retrieve digital records, providing more comprehensive results to support quality measurement and reporting initiatives, risk score accuracy programs, or any program requiring clinical data.

Clinical Data Extraction Supporting Quality Measurement & Reporting

Accelerating access to clinical records allows payers to target resources where they are most appropriate to drive improvements in quality measurement and reporting initiatives and overall quality measure scores. Data extracted from digital charts collected through CDEaaS™ can be leveraged year round to support HEDIS® quality measures for Medicare Star Ratings, Medicaid quality ratings, ACA QRS ratings, ACO ratings and other quality-related initiatives.

Clinical Data Extraction Driving Risk Score Accuracy Improvement

Automating access to clinical records can significantly impact a health plan’s risk score accuracy. With a pipeline that has been constructed for accepting all document types, including both electronic and scanned medical records at a scalable and high rate, Inovalon’s clinical data extraction solution significantly reduces data collection time for health plans from weeks or months to minutes or hours. Used as a “first stop,” Inovalon’s solution empowers clients to rapidly and cost-effectively gather as much information as possible before using more costly and time-consuming traditional approaches for those records not accessible through the connectivity network. Leveraging CDEaaS™ machine learning technology, Inovalon has delivered more than $35.5 million in risk adjustment value to its customers.

EHR Interoperability

Foundational to the CDEaaS™ service, Inovalon’s EHR Interoperability solution facilitates the two-way exchange of clinical data in an effective, efficient, and scalable fashion while minimizing provider practice disruption. Our interface requests and receives clinical data from a physician or medical group’s EHR through a highly orchestrated, HIPAA-compliant platform that ensures only the minimum required clinical data is pulled for the targeted population. Depending on the end point, this solution applies proprietary approaches leveraging common industry integration technologies such as web services or clinical integration engines to support connectivity with a majority of EHR leaders in the market today.


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