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Natural Language Processing as a Service (NLPaaS™)

Accelerating the Value of Healthcare Data through Connectivity

Using highly adaptive Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) capabilities to recognize clinical insights in both structured and unstructured text, risk score accuracy and operational efficiencies are significantly improved, empowering healthcare organizations to provide the best quality of care to their patients. Inovalon’s Natural Language Processing as a Service (NLPaaS™) solution is helping healthcare organizations meaningfully improve their risk score accuracy programs by accelerating gap detection by 4 times and delivering a 15%-25% cost reduction.

How we're different

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Faster: Finding risk score-relevant conditions up to 4x faster than traditional manual, labor-intensive approaches, processing over 35,000 clinical records a day

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Training: Inovalon has nearly a decade of labeled coordinate data of conditions from clinical reviewers, with associated claims data tied to every patient linked for every patient record

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Cost Less: Overall 15-25% reduction in clinical record review costs

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Delivers More Value: Improves risk score-relevant condition identification resulting in 14-18% increase in risk score accuracy

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Greater Flexibility: Highly configurable solution accepts all document types at an industrial scale and project-specific risk models and solution extenders such as prioritized data files

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Measurable Impact: Ability to perform initial or secondary reviews to augment or enhance current review program

Quickly Unlocking Valuable Healthcare Data

The Inovalon ONE® Platform enables clients to easily combine innovative solutions to maximize both top and bottom line value. The NLPaaS™ solution partners well as an add-on to the Clinical Data Extraction as a Service (CDEaaS™) solution – extracting critical clinical data and analyzed insights that are layered into digital clinical records to maximize clinical record review efficiency. Learn more about our CDEaaS™ solution or Artificial Intelligence solutions.


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