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Provider Performance Improvement

Leveraging Data-Driven Insights to Enable Network Optimization

Inovalon’s solution empowers health plans to refine and improve care management programs by leveraging our proprietary dataset. Utilizing the industry-leading MORE2 Registry® dataset—which includes more than 278 million unique patients and nearly 46 billion medical events—and Inovalon’s designation as a Qualified Entity (QE), we can help you modify network composition and provider engagement strategies, explore value-based opportunities, and inform internal modeling and projections for strategic decisions.

With enhanced transparency into actionable, patient-level insights, our provider performance solution enables health plans and their provider networks to engage in an ongoing dialogue around care, quality and utilization management.

How we're different


Unparalleled Dataset:  The Inovalon ONE® Platform is informed by Inovalon’s proprietary MORE2 Registry®, which includes data pertaining to more than 278 million unique patients and nearly 46 billion medical events — numbers that are growing every day, resulting in the expanding success of our clients.


Large-Scale Connectivity: Inovalon’s extensive connectivity with electronic health records, health information exchanges and more than 170,000 providers enables connectivity to the data of approximately one in every three patients within the United States, increasing speed to value for provider performance improvement initiatives.


Industry-Leading Experts: Hailing from government, patient groups, health plans, pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, health IT companies, clinicians and more, Avalere’s experts have dedicated their careers to improving healthcare. Strengthened by large-scale patient data, this substantive, interdisciplinary team contributes perspective and focus to progress practical, data-driven custom solutions.


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