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Quality Measurement, Reporting & Improvement

Delivering Improved Outcomes and Performance

With increasing complexity stemming from federal- and state-based quality performance rating programs and the impact of HEDIS® on NCQA ratings, health plans and provider systems need real-time actionable insights to manage their quality performance proactively throughout the year.

Delivering an end-to-end quality measurement, reporting, and improvement solution, we empower health plans and provider systems to achieve the quality performance results they need to succeed in an increasingly data-driven healthcare ecosystem.

Quality Measurement & Reporting

Providing 76% of the nation’s clinical outcomes measurement analytics, Inovalon’s QSI-XL™ quality measurement and improvement engine delivers the value of big data processing and analytics to support rapid project initiation, refreshes, and completion. Leveraging QSI-XL™, Inovalon’s clients achieve improvements in scale, flexibility, and speed unmatched in the industry.

With a broad set of analytics bringing more than 1,200 measures to bear, proprietary predictive measure catalogs, and targeted engagement strategies, Inovalon’s clients continue to achieve differentiated quality outcomes. Through the combination of analytics processing speeds that are up to 15× faster than the industry average and refreshes that scale to your needs—from annual processing to daily processing—our cloud-based platform puts insights into your hands faster with member-measure precision. These member-measure analytics create a honed, personalized strategy to engage members and improve quality health outcomes and ratings performance.

Inovalon’s nationwide EHR connectivity to more than 217,000 providers enables access to the data of approximately one in every three patients in the United States, increasing speed to value for quality measurement and reporting initiatives. Streamlining the process of collecting non-standard supplemental data for reporting, Inovalon’s Clinical Data Extraction as a Service (CDEaaS™) improves the efficiency of quality measurement and reporting programs with 10× faster clinical record retrieval at up to 70% lower cost than traditional methods, allowing health plans to spend time and resources where they’re needed most.

Quality Improvement

The Inovalon ONE® Platform is informed by Inovalon’s unparalleled proprietary MORE2 Registry®, which includes primary source, longitudinally matched data pertaining to more than 278 million patients and nearly 46 billion medical events—numbers that are growing every day. This massive dataset enables Inovalon to provide superior forecasting and benchmarking capabilities, empowering health plans to better understand and impact their quality outcomes and drive greater financial performance.

Utilizing member-level insights gained through the MORE2 Registry®, Inovalon’s predictive analytics identify potential member care gaps before they occur—enabling the identification of members who are expected to become compliant, as well as the number of members needed to become compliant on a measure-level basis to reach the next quality measure rating level.

Unlike other organizations that use old data and batch processing and require long lags to translate information into operational plans, Inovalon’s datasets, high-speed analytics, and point-of-care solutions allow clients to know during a date-of-service period precisely where to focus and then drive meaningful impact on the right patients at the right time—allowing for a highly efficient focus of resources and predictability of results to improve quality performance.


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