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ScriptMed® Cloud Clinical

ScriptMed® Cloud Clinical provides electronic decision support leveraging robust data insights from ScriptMed® and the Inovalon ONE® platform. Systematically define, initiate, track, and enable patient interventions. Using a combination of available data queries and context-based evaluations, sophisticated clinical algorithms, and advanced business rules, ScriptMed® Cloud Clinical identifies the best possible intervention or combination of interventions and escalations to achieve patient goals as defined by the pharmacy or payer. Interventions trigger based on detailed and summary patient that informs the patient care strategy and automatically triggers suggested interventions and follow up actions for consideration. Interoperability also provides deep patient medical history insight where relevant allergies, medications, medical conditions and treatment plans can be viewed and documented.


  • Rule-Based Clinical Protocols
  • Protocols-Driven Interventions
  • Integrated Patient Digital Programs
  • Medical Conditions, Medications, and Allergies
  • Clinical Data Collection
  • Clinical Assessments
  • REMS Management


  • Expanded Data-driven Interventions
  • Therapy Adherence
  • Care Planning and Timeline Development
  • Care Timeline
  • Predictive Outcome Management
  • Passive Clinical Data Supplementation
  • Passive Peer Analytics

ScriptMed® Clinical Protocol Content

Leveraging the expertise of Inovalon’s internal team of physicians, we offer a subscription-based library of clinical protocol content for more than 15 specialty disease states. ScriptMed® Clinical Protocol Content is designed to provide baseline intervention-based clinical protocols and content to facilitate best practice patient care management for multiple specialty pharmacy disease states and medications. Using the ScriptMed clinical framework, clinical surveys, assessments and data collections such as patient lab values are aligned to configured interventions, which are generated using the Clinical Care Management Module processor. The specialty disease states include HIV/AIDS, rheumatoid arthritis, hepatitis C, psoriasis, cystic fibrosis, multiple sclerosis and more.

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