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Inovalon Connect

An Interoperability Solution for Health Systems & Providers

Inovalon Connect Interoperability Solution
Enable easy, cost-effective connectivity and enhanced patient-specific insights to improve care delivery and outcomes.

Health systems must balance the demands of patient care with growing administrative overhead associated with payer data requests and regulatory requirements.

Inovalon’s interoperability solution, Inovalon Connect, offers a more efficient method for obtaining relevant, accurate and timely patient information to inform care encounters and respond to medical record requests.

Inovalon Connect enables enhanced patient data access and analytic insights, alongside automated electronic medical record collection to support improved care delivery, health outcomes and efficiency.

Traditional medical record collection is an intrusive, burdensome, and highly disruptive process that lacks scalability and drains resources.

With Inovalon Connect, health systems are empowered to:

Access meaningful, incremental and current patient care histories from outside sources within the EHR workflow.
Eliminate the burden of responding to traditionally resource-and time-intensive medical record requests by payers.
Achieve greater visibility beyond the patient encounter to quickly identify, address and close patient-specific care gaps.


A Commitment to Connectivity Empowering Greater Access & Insight

Our rapidly growing connectivity infrastructure provides access to more than 311,000 providers today, through partnerships with EHRs, interoperability consortiums and health information exchanges.

Inovalon Connect Interoperability Solution

Improve Care Delivery & Outcomes While Achieving Greater Value for You & Your Physicians

Alleviating the burden of healthcare data sharing, Inovalon Connect drives greater operational efficiency and insight, enabling you to spend more time focusing on what’s most important – your patients.

Inovalon Connect Interoperability Solution
With 20+ years of data management experience, we adhere to highly specific patient-targeting parameters so you can be confident that only the required data elements are contained within the clinical documentation requested for medical record reviews and reporting.

Easy, Rapid Implementation

We work with you to rapidly and cost-effectively implement automated medical record retrieval in as little as 6 weeks, with minimal lift for the health system.

Inovalon Connect Interoperability Solution
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