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3 benefits you’re missing out on if you’re still using multiple claims management systems

We live in a world where technology seems to connect just about everything. At home, we ask Google to turn on the lights and wake up our kids. On the way to work, we ask Siri to place our favorite drive-through order from Starbucks. Our personal lives are jam-packed with a wide range of sophisticated devices and services that are all connected, each making life a little bit easier.

So, doesn’t it feel strange to sit down to work and have to log on to multiple claims systems or portals, remember several usernames and passwords, and toggle between tabs and screens? Haven’t we moved beyond such cumbersome, outdated, disparate workflows? Truth is, work applications should be as seamless and connected as the apps we use in our personal lives.

Working together to create a powerful, integrated experience, ABILITY EASE All-Payer and ABILITY EASE Medicare deliver the market’s first all-payer system that integrates both government and commercials claims workflows and access. As a single, connected platform, it transforms your revenue cycle management to maximize efficiency, save time and lead to quicker turnarounds for reimbursement.

If you’re still using multiple claims management systems, you are probably missing out on:

1. Single sign-in access to all payers

A single platform integrates clearinghouse functionality, direct payer connections and DDE-scraping technology, allowing providers of any size to manage every claim from every payer, across all locations. That means that employees only need to log in once to submit, edit, track and manage all claims. No more passwords to remember, switching between screens, or wasting time logging in and out of sites.

2. Gold-standard clean claims

The cost of reworking denied claims is often a significant percentage of an organization’s revenue cycle expenses. And, as many as 60% of claim denials are never even corrected and re-submitted for reimbursement!1

With a single platform featuring robust scrubbers with the most up-to-date CMS and commercial payer rulesets, plus facility-specific, customizable rules, organizations can achieve a 99% or greater clean claims rate.2

3. Fast & simple claims resolution

If a claim is rejected by a payer, resolution, resubmission and turnaround times can really hamper time-to-reimbursement.

When billers only need to focus on a single dashboard for all claims management, it’s easy for them to see the claims issues that require immediate attention. Click-to-fix corrections and direct resubmissions (in other words, no Medicare waiting period) ensure that mistakes don’t impact your bottom line. It’s time to stop jumping between applications and realize the productivity boost and time savings of a one-stop, all-claims platform. Discover how ABILITY’s integrated approach can transform your revenue cycle.

1. “Why getting claims right the first time is cheaper than reworking them,” Timothy Mills, Physician’s Practice, September 9, 2019,

2. ABILITY internal reporting, ABILITY EASE All-Payer, November 2020

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