Revenue Cycle Management

Improve revenue cycle efficiency, accuracy, and ultimately, speed to payment with streamlined, SaaS-based workflows.

The myABILITY Portal, Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

Deliver a better patient experience and improve revenue with enterprise solutions that reduce errors, enhance claims tracking, and empower staff success from intake through patient payment.


Discover an easier, more efficient way to manage your revenue cycle.

Inovalon’s revenue cycle management solutions streamline and automate every aspect of RCM. Ranging from eligibility verification, patient access enhancements, patient payment applications, claims submissions, workflow analytics, and more, each solution helps providers simplify the complexities of revenue cycle management.

Through the myABILITY portal, we enable staff to automate and streamline the revenue cycle by leveraging smoother, cloud-based workflows. Front- and back-end teams gain speed and clarity in their workday while organizational leaders benefit from more accurate processes and claims that benefit their bottom line.

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Patient Claims & Billing

Our connections to Medicare, Medicaid, and over 4,000 commercial payers replace siloed claims submission steps with a single source, helping some providers achieve a 99% or better first pass acceptance rate1.

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Patient Access

Perform a single inquiry against expansive payer lists to quickly verify patient information for an individual patient and multiple patients via batch upload for faster, more accurate results.

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Patient Engagement

Easily conduct virtual visits even before the first patient-provider interaction, with smoother front-end revenue cycle management workflows that allow patients to begin care smoothly and set up providers for success.


or Better Clean Claims Rate1


Claims and Remits Processed Annually


Average Insurance Identification Match Rate on Uninsured Accounts2

1Inovalon internal reporting, ABILITY EASE® All-Payer, November 2020.

2Inovalon internal reporting, September 2021. Individual results may vary.

Revenue Cycle Management

Automate and streamline RCM workflows from patient registration and intake through patient payment, with customizable configurations to enable patient data accuracy and staff efficiency.

Patient Claims & Billing

All-Payer Revenue Cycle Management

Keep revenue flowing with a powerful tool that helps staff focus on real-time eligibility checks, claims status tracking and simple payment posting for both government and commercial claims.

Medicare Revenue Cycle Management

Automate your Medicare billing management with specialized software that corrects complex and multi-step claims, flags receivables at risk and allows you to perform easy eligibility look-ups.

Patient Payment

ABILITY SECUREPAY is a comprehensive patient payment software that enables you to capture more revenue and improve patient satisfaction.

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Revenue Cycle Management Analytics

Improve first-pass yield on all claims. Inovalon All-Payer RCM Intelligence delivers analytic dashboards to identify performance trends, enabling decision makers to easily discover, predict, visualize, model, and manage data all in one application.

All-Payer Claims Management

Our easy-to-use electronic claims management application allows users to submit, edit and receive claims for Medicare, Medicaid and thousands of commercial insurance companies – all in one place.

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Patient Statements

Inovalon Patient Statements software provides your patients easy-to-read breakdowns of outstanding balances, with statements white labeled to your organization.

Medicare ADR Submission

Simplify your process of secure submission, tracking, and reporting for Medicare claim review programs. This specialized software features connectivity to multiple Medicare esMD programs including ADR, RAC Audits, first- and second-level appeals, PERM, CERT, and more.

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Medicare Claims Management

ABILITY CHOICE Medicare Claims is a secure claims submission and remittance advice solution, giving you fast, automated processing and payment of Medicare claims.

Medicare Billing

This complete electronic claims submission and management application can be used in a standalone configuration or in conjunction with your existing claims management system.

Patient Access

Patient Registration

Reduce downstream denials and reimbursement delays through accurate patient data collection at intake. Empower staff to validate patient identity, verify eligibility, and identify all available insurance coverage, all within a few steps powered by a single patient registration software application.

Healthcare Insurance Coverage Discovery

ABILITY Insurance Discovery reduces uncompensated care and underpayments by identifying active billable coverage previously unknown to the provider. Using sophisticated search capabilities, this solution identifies if patients have multiple active payers to help boost reimbursement opportunities.

All-Payer Health Insurance Eligibility Verification

ABILITY COMPLETE® streamlines patient access and billing workflows by enabling staff to assign and prioritize patients, payers, and tasks during eligibility verification. This technology goes beyond basic eligibility needs, providing a dashboard to confirm, manage, and store every inquiry.

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Healthcare Propensity to Pay

Realize the power of patient identity verification combined with custom propensity to pay scoring in one easy-to-use, cloud-based healthcare application. Lower the risk of uncompensated care and collect more revenue with more patient data readily available to make better-informed billing decisions.

Medicare Eligibility Verification

Get fast, detailed eligibility status and medical benefit information, without the hassle of juggling multiple login IDs and passwords. ABILITY CHOICE® Medicare Eligibility software enables you to submit inquiries 24/7 and receive real-time responses.

Medicare DDE/FISS Connectivity

IVANS NOW delivers secure, online connections for Part A and Part B providers. If you need connectivity to DDE through the Professional Provider Telecommunication Network (PPTN), Regional Home Health and Hospice Intermediary (RHHI), or Claim Status Inquiry (CSI), we have you covered.

Patient Engagement


Inovalon’s Virtual Care software is user-friendly, reliable, and built by a team of healthcare experts with the full patient journey in mind. The solution easily integrates with eligibility, claims, and patient payment tools powered by the Inovalon ONE Platform, so you can bring key care delivery functions into one place.


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