ScriptMed® Infusion

Bridging the data gap so you can focus on your infusion patients, not your software.

Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

ScriptMed Specialty delivers streamlined, automated processing across the specialty and infusion pharmacy continuum, decreasing cost to serve by up to 17%.


ScriptMed Infusion provides unmatched patient clinical data at the point of care leading to optimal patient care.

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One System, End-to-End Capabilities

Say goodbye to disparate pharmacy software with ScriptMed Infusion. Simplify your infusion patient management and create a more seamless patient experience.

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Customized Workflows

Persona-based workflows configured to your pharmacy business optimize efficiency and ensure your pharmacy can operate at scale.

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Site of Care Management

Whether on-site or in-home, one system and one interface mean less training, less room for errors, and improved efficiency from start to finish.


Experience unmatched connectivity, functionality, and financial benefits in the specialty and infusion pharmacy marketplace.

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Clinician Scheduling, Documentation, and Billing

Handle all aspects of clinician and location coordination within one familiar and consistent interface.

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Complex Compounding Management

Manage and create compound drugs and item profiles for rapid and accurate deployment.

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Manage Cleanroom Quality

Seamlessly create and support entity-level facility assessments within the ScriptMed application.

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TPN Management

Total parenteral nutrition management removes the guesswork and saves time with automatic dosing concentrations and volumes.


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