Workforce Management

Streamline and automate the scheduling process across teams, job level, and locations. Plus, track licenses, credentials, staffing trends, and more.

The Inovalon Provider Cloud, Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

Drive better utilization of labor resources, proactively prevent overtime and burnout, and deliver instant staff communications all via a cloud-based, healthcare-focused scheduling solution.


Inovalon helps providers simplify the complexities of staff scheduling with workforce management software built for healthcare professionals across acute, post-acute, and ambulatory settings.

Transform traditional phone calls and texts to staff-wide push notifications and announcements. Take back hours in your day from managing schedules on spreadsheets to using automated templates that account for custom staff-to-patient ratios. Track staff credentials, overtime thresholds, scheduled time off, and more, and leverage detailed staffing insights to gain further workforce management efficiencies.

Proactively make better planning decisions. Discover what Inovalon’s workforce management suite can do for your organization.

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Smarter, Easier Scheduling

Team leads can manage everyone’s schedule in one place, with individual and group messaging capabilities to share any important needs. Staff can see their schedule, request a swap, and pick up shifts.

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Streamlined License and Credential Tracking

Never miss another license or credential expiration. Stay up-to-date with all team member’s required training to proactively keep their accreditations current.

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Insightful Reporting

Leverage detailed dashboards to make smarter scheduling decisions. Understand labor spending trends to reduce overtime, identify staff at risk of burnout based on research-backed metrics, and more.

Workforce Management

Manage staffing and credentialing across units, departments, and locations, with detailed insights on overtime, turnover, and special labor costs.

Healthcare & Nurse Scheduling

Schedule Management is a fully mobile, cloud-based scheduling and open shift management application that empowers single units, departments, clinics, facilities, and enterprises to streamline scheduling processes and make more effective, data-driven staffing decisions.

Healthcare & Nurse Staffing Analytics

Workforce Intelligence delivers intuitive dashboards that provide on-demand access to workforce financial performance and staff wellness metrics. Powerful staffing analytics reports give insight into staff sentiment so you can resolve issues before they happen.

Healthcare Time & Attendance

Attendance Management simplifies the collection and tracking of staff attendance data. The software leverages the cutting-edge technology that today’s users expect, including geolocation and streamlined pay code management, and is fully integrated with Inovalon's Schedule Management.

Healthcare Credential Management

Integrated with Inovalon's Schedule Management, Credential Management streamlines non-physician credential management. Define and track credentials and licenses (such as NP, CNM, CRNA, APRN, and more), required training, certifications, and expiration dates – all in a one secure application.


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