Access Data at the Point of Care

Improve the patient experience and care coordination with authorized access to comprehensive, patient-specific data at the point of care.

DataStream, Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

Uncover unknown patient data via secure, accurate, and quick access to the largest primary source dataset, enabled by FHIR®-based APIs, to achieve a longitudinally linkable view of the full patient journey.


DataStream delivers authorized, applicable patient-specific insights on provider history, clinical, claim, medication, and lab data. Our APIs provide a single source of longitudinal data at the point of care to enhance every patient encounter with improved speed and quality of care.

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Timely, Comprehensive Patient Data

Gain a deep view of patient-specific details, compiled from a diverse set of longitudinal clinical and claims data into a holistic patient profile.

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FHIR®-Based APIs

Configure the flexible, modular design of DataStream with existing workflows to deliver critical healthcare data, empowering faster, better clinical decision-making.

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Secure Data Exchange

Authorized users can access applicable encrypted data within seconds, in an easy-to-understand, standardized manner.


Unique Patients


Medical Events




Clinical Facilities


Access expanded visibility into patients’ full care journey with detailed data at the point of care, ready to inform each patient encounter.

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Patient-Centric Experience

Leverage a cohesive ecosystem of digital solutions and accurate, secure data to coordinate care and create personalized interactions.

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Seamless Integration

Apply DataStream’s flexible, FHIR®-based modular design to your existing systems and workflows, making data integration easy and quick.

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Extensive Connectivity

Nationwide, multi-channel connectivity enables fast, authorized access to detailed patient data.

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Timely Access

Review comprehensive historical patient data at the point of care within seconds to deliver a seamless, focused experience.

How it Works

Encrypted, authorized connections enable healthcare applications to drive data-informed decisions at the point of care.

Detailed patient health history delivered within seconds.

DataStream connects with customer systems and third-party platforms to display applicable in-depth patient information in a single, standard view.

Through the extensive connectivity of the Inovalon ONE® Platform, this solution aggregates various patient data points into one easy-to-understand patient profile – for millions of unique lives. Patient health inquiries can be curated as desired within the original API calls before returning results to the requesting application in just seconds.

The result: authorized professionals across the healthcare ecosystem are better informed with applicable health data to provide the care each patient needs. This is delivered through seamless integrations, with a flexible architecture that operates independently of existing technical infrastructures, making it easier to understand and act on key data points.

Real-World Applications

Create highly specific care encounters with fast access to applicable, longitudinally linked patient data – compiled from secure, diverse data sources and delivered in a clear format.


Pharmacists can be aware of new medications, see drug allergies not in their systems, and gain deeper understanding to patients’ holistic health.


Physicians and hospitals can augment EHR data with years of patient history before the first encounter, putting more focus on delivering quality care.

Emergency Care Centers

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) can know of a patient’s clinical condition within seconds, including allergies, current medications, and more.

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Real-World Insights

Inovalon Data Cloud Products

Drive better health outcomes and economics, informed by diverse, longitudinally linkable data.


Improve the patient experience and care coordination with comprehensive, patient-specific data at the point of care.

Real-World Data

Accelerate research and improve healthcare outcomes with longitudinally linkable, deidentified data.

Data Solutions

Partner with our research and analysis experts to answer the complex healthcare questions of today for a better tomorrow.

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SDOH Market Insights

Identify and address social determinants of health (SDOH) to drive better access, higher engagement, improved outcomes, lower costs, and equitable healthcare.

Health Equity Index Dashboard

Data analytics to help Medicare Advantage plans understand their performance on the new CMS Health Equity Index.


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