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Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform, our solutions combine national-scale connectivity, real-time primary source data access, and advanced analytics to empower data-driven healthcare.

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Inovalon delivers a full suite of solutions that can be rapidly configured to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Inovalon Data Cloud

Drive better health outcomes and economics, informed by diverse, longitudinally linkable data.

Inovalon DataStream® API

Improve the patient experience and care coordination with comprehensive, patient-specific data at the point of care.

Real-World Data

Accelerate research and improve healthcare outcomes with longitudinally linkable, deidentified data.

Data Solutions

Partner with our research and analysis experts to answer the complex healthcare questions of today for a better tomorrow.

Healthcare Data Lake

Combine your structured and unstructured data with applicable longitudinally linkable data to improve healthcare outcomes and economics.

Inovalon Consumer Health Gateway™

Give members quick, reliable access to their health data, enabled by a secure, compliant solution.

people discussing health equity benchmarking insights

SDOH Market Insights

Identify and address social determinants of health (SDOH) to drive better access, higher engagement, improved outcomes, lower costs, and equitable healthcare.

Health Equity Benchmarking Insights

Data analytics to help Medicare Advantage plans understand their performance on the new CMS Health Equity Index.

Payer Cloud

Improve member care and outcomes while achieving greater performance and efficiency with sophisticated analytics and dynamic business intelligence.

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Quality Measurement, Reporting, & Improvement

Discover how our leading HEDIS® software and deep industry expertise enable health plans to achieve high-quality performance in today's data-driven healthcare ecosystem.

Group of businessmen making quality improvement and risk score accuracy decisions

Risk Score Accuracy & Submissions

Ensure compliance and accurate reimbursement with advanced analytics and member engagement solutions enabling efficient, precise documentation.

Business people discussing HEDIS software solution with one comprehensive member view

Converged Risk Analytics

Explore how Inovalon is redefining the market with an integrated analytics solution empowering coordinated quality and risk initiatives with one comprehensive member view.

A nurse showing a doctor clinical data extraction image on a tablet electronic device

Clinical Data Extraction

Exchange data with more than 360,000 providers connected to the Inovalon ONE® Platform today to access relevant digital patient medical records 10 times faster than manual retrieval.

Inovalon Consumer Health Gateway™

Give members quick, reliable access to their health data, enabled by a secure, compliant solution.

Shared population health knowledge benefits his coworkers and patients

Population Health Insights

Gain a holistic view of your member populations to support quality improvement, intervention, and case management programs that deliver patient-centered care and reduce costs.

A man reviewing quality outcomes healthcare data

Inovalon ValueCompass™

Achieve value-based objectives with shared insights into patient care quality, program performance, utilization metrics, and disease burden documentation.

Young lady consulting her doctor during a virtual health visit on her laptop computer, using webcam from home, panorama

Virtual Health Visits

Increase member satisfaction and engagement with the flexibility to meet with a certified nurse practitioner using live video stream to complete a comprehensive clinical health assessment.

Doctor writing patient notes

ePASS® Patient Assessments

Utilize advanced analytics to drive complete and compliant clinical documentation for face-to-face and virtual encounters with our cloud-based, point-of-care support tool.

Provider Cloud

Optimize revenue cycle management, care quality management, and workforce management all in one single-sign-on, easy-to-use portal.

A close-up view of a businessman holding a pen pointing at a bar chart on a company financial document prepared by the Finance Department for a meeting with business partners. Financial concept.

Revenue Cycle Management

Improve revenue cycle efficiency, accuracy, and ultimately, speed to payment with streamlined, SaaS-based workflows.

Doctors reviewing healthcare data

Care Quality Management

Optimize reimbursement and CMS Star Rating performance with enhanced post-acute quality reporting and care management.

Businesswoman using laptop in office

Workforce Management

Streamline and automate the scheduling process across teams, job level, and locations. Plus, track licenses, credentials, staffing trends, and more.

Pharmacy Cloud

Streamline pharmacy operations and improve clinical performance with automated processing, real-time data exchange, and electronic decision support.

pharmacist looking at a tablet

ScriptMed® Cloud

Reduce time and cost to fill with real-time healthcare connectivity, advanced analytics, and automated processing.

A man accessing Inovalon's clinical protocol content library

ScriptMed® Clinical Protocols

Access clinical protocols and patient-specific insights to identify the best possible interventions and escalations to achieve optimal health outcomes.

Scientist reviewing data on a screen

ScriptMed® Interchange

Streamline communications and information exchange between partners and approved entities authorized to participate in Interchange Transactions.

Life Sciences

Engage industry-leading experts to unlock Inovalon's powerful data assets and optimize your strategy and performance.

Real-World Data

Power your healthcare solutions with comprehensive, longitudinally linkable, primary source real-world data.

Scientist reviewing data on a screen

Data Solutions

The largest set of longitudinally linkable primary source data, coupled with interdisciplinary, cross-sector healthcare experience to inform effective real-world evidence strategy.