Clinical Data Extraction Software

Exchange data with more than 750,000 providers connected to the Inovalon ONE® Platform today to access relevant digital patient medical records 10 times faster than manual retrieval.

Electronic Record On Demand, Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

Eliminate the complexity and burden of traditional medical record retrieval with SaaS-based clinical data extraction software that delivers industry-leading connectivity, speed, and cost savings – so you can streamline your medical record collection process and achieve greater impact.


Connected to more than 750,000 providers on the Inovalon ONE® Platform, this solution automatically captures compliant and comprehensive point-of-care clinical data — for clinical quality and risk score accuracy improvement, clinical trial support, pharmacy-related prior authorization, data aggregation, and other HIPAA permissible use cases.

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Unmatched Connectivity

Take immediate advantage of our extensive connectivity to EHRs, HIEs and more than 750,000 providers, along with massive proprietary datasets containing more than 362 million unique patients and 73 billion medical events.

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Exceptionally Simple

Get started with only a patient target list to retrieve digital records. Access comprehensive results to support quality measurement and reporting initiatives, risk score accuracy programs, or any program requiring clinical data.

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Multiple Uses

Leverage up-to-date data year-round to support quality measurement and reporting, risk adjustment programs, population health and care management initiatives, life and disability insurance, and clinical trials.


Improve performance by automating access to clinical records with advanced clinical data extraction software. By accepting all document types at a scalable and high rate, this solution reduces data collection time from weeks or months to minutes or hours.

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Add Value to Your Healthcare Initiatives

Access critical health plan member data - with up to 150 data points per medical record - 10 times faster for up to 70% less using our fully automated solution.

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Expand Your Reach

Access comprehensive patient data with our nationwide provider site connectivity, including integration with Carequality, CommonWell, and KONZA National Network.

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Enhance Your Efficiency

Rely on our solution for reduced provider abrasion, improved operational efficiency, and rapid implementation in under 30 days.

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Eliminate Your Risk

Inovalon's clinical data extraction software solution is RADV compliant and supports NCQA primary source verification (PSV) and C-CDA data parsing. Enjoy no risk with our pay-per-transaction model for maximum financial benefit.

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