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Reduce time and cost to fill with real-time healthcare connectivity, advanced analytics, and automated processing.

ScriptMed® Specialty, Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

Delivers streamlined, automated processing across the specialty and infusion pharmacy continuum, decreasing cost to serve by up to 17%.


The ScriptMed Specialty pharmacy management software is an industry leader, serving seven of the top ten U.S. specialty pharmacy companies.

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Data Supplementation

Access the largest dataset in the industry to pre-populate critical, patient-specific data elements, accelerating time to fill and improving quality of care.

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Advanced Analytics

Support interventions, outreaches, or internal processes with real-time insights about the patient, prescriber, payer, medication, and more.

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Streamlined Medical Billing Processes

Synchronized medical claims processing allows many of the steps to be handled concurrently, dramatically decreasing the time and expense for medical billing.


Experience unmatched connectivity, functionality, and financial benefits in the specialty pharmacy marketplace.

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Reduce Time to Fill

Fewer touches and tasks for each prescription cycle, driving decreased processing time and accelerating a patient’s start of therapy.

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Reduce Cost to Fill

Automating repetitive steps minimizes data errors that can introduce costly re-work, and improves system responsiveness — both of which contribute to a significant reduction in total cost to fill.

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Data Visualization

Highly granular business intelligence tracking and reporting delivers insights on system, financial, clinical, and operational status and performance in real time.

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Data Sharing

Unparalleled specialty channel interoperability supports secure data sharing among all the patient's healthcare partners, improving overall patient outcomes.


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