Healthcare Credential Management Software

Cloud-based healthcare credential management software that streamlines license and certification management for your non-physician staff.

Credential Management, Powered by the Inovalon ONE® Platform

Credential Management software delivers online non-physician staff credentials tracking, so you and your staff can improve visibility, eliminate compliance penalties, and save time.


Integrated with Inovalon's Schedule Management, Credential Management (formerly ABILITY SMARTFORCE Credentialer) streamlines non-physician credential management. Define and track credentials and licenses (such as NP, CNM, CRNA, APRN, and more), required training, certifications, and expiration dates – all in a one secure application.

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Easily track and manage credentials

Empower staff to collect, organize, and track their licenses, certifications, and in-services all in one place, easily and securely. Automate notifications to help reduce lapsed credentials.

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Eliminate compliance concerns

Standardize credential management across the enterprise and provide your team with the tools they need to assure regulatory compliance and avoid compliance penalties.

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Upload and access documents from anywhere

Credential documentation can be uploaded by staff or managers, is securely stored online, and easily accessible from mobile phones, tablets, or computers.


With Credential Management, you and your team can improve communication, organization, and workflow around credential tracking and management for NPs, CNMs, CRNAs, APRNs, and more.

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Optimize communication with real-time updates

Auto-notify staff when credentials expire, are about to expire, or missing. Inform staff, managers, and administrators via alerts, email, and text.

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Eliminate compliance penalties

Tailor functionality to meet regulatory standards and organizational needs, including rules and configurable requirements by department and job type.

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Save time and improve workflow

Give staff access to enter and manage their own credentialing information and upload documents or missing data for manager review and approval.

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Easier access to data and documentation

View data by organization with drill-down options. Attach copies of licenses, CVs, recommendation letters, background checks, etc. to any credential.

How it Works

Ease non-physician credential tracking and management with greater flexibility, visibility, and communication – all delivered by Credential Management.

Simple and secure healthcare credential management software.

Credential Management key features:

Integration with Schedule Management

    • Alerts help staff and managers stay on top of credential expirations when requesting shifts or making staffing decisions
    • Staff can easily see what credentials are needed to work in a particular unit
    • Staff out of compliance with rules can be restricted from requesting shifts

Tracking flexibility

    • Set up as many licenses, certificates, and other credentials as necessary
    • Define rules that apply only to certain staff members or to all employees
    • Specify what credentials are required and/or expired
    • Allow staff to view their credentials to determine work assignment eligibility

Enhanced visibility

    • Flag out-of-compliance staff on the live schedule
    • Upload and view credential documents and images online
    • Access data 24/7 with capability for managers and staff to see missing, upcoming or expired credentials

Streamlined communication

    • System alerts when credentials expire or are about to expire
    • Push notifications via email to a defined group
    • Access from any mobile device, including smartphones and tablets

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have access to all payers?

We work with most major payers. If there is a payer that is not on our list, we do everything we can to make that connection.

Does your software support custom eligibility workflows?

Yes. You can set up your processes to best suit your team.

Can you do batch eligibility checking?

Yes. You can submit one batch file of multiple patients rather than checking eligibility patient-by-patient.

How do you discover changes in coverage?

Our all-payer health insurance eligibility verification software can perform recurring batch eligibility checks automatically for you. All you have to do is establish the frequency at which you’d like this done, and the software will notify you of any coverage changes upon each automatic check.

Can we store response data?

Yes. You will have access to all your response history.


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