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Drive better health outcomes and economics, informed by diverse, longitudinally linkable data.

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Inovalon Data Cloud

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Derive insights from comprehensive, applicable primary source healthcare data to deliver meaningful impact for patients and partners with greater confidence and speed.


Diverse, Extensive Data for Accelerated Healthcare Innovation

Mobilize the power of data to advance your team’s contributions to healthcare transformation. Inovalon’s Data Cloud helps reduce the complexities of analyzing separate datasets – replacing siloed, fragmented systems with one source of clinically rich, quality-assured real-world data to better inform decisions across the care continuum. Data is securely sourced directly from its origin, ensuring data cleanliness while adhering to the highest security protocols to deliver a geographically and demographically diverse dataset.

Detailed Data Elements

    • Deidentified patient, claim, provider, and diagnoses/procedure-level detail
    • Geographically representative covering all 50 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico
    • Longitudinally linkable coverage across commercial, Medicaid, and Medicare plans
    • National Provider Identifier (NPI) available
    • Open and closed primary source data
    • More than half of the U.S. insured population

Inovalon Data Cloud Products

Access years of comprehensive healthcare insights.


Improve the patient experience and care coordination with comprehensive, patient-specific data at the point of care.

Real-World Data

Accelerate research and improve healthcare outcomes with longitudinally linkable, deidentified data.

Data Solutions

Partner with our research and analysis experts to answer the complex healthcare questions of today for a better tomorrow.

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SDOH Market Insights

Identify and address social determinants of health (SDOH) to drive better access, higher engagement, improved outcomes, lower costs, and equitable healthcare.

Health Equity Index Dashboard

Data analytics to help Medicare Advantage plans understand their performance on the new CMS Health Equity Index.

Data Extracts

Insights across healthcare, ready to drive better-informed behaviors.

Therapeutic Extracts

Therapeutic extracts are available across multiple conditions including hepatitis, breast cancer, dementia, diabetes, and hemophilia. Conditions are defined using Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) definitions for consistency, ease of integration with other data sources, and quality assurance. Therapeutic extracts are additionally customizable by condition and recency.

Geographic Extracts

Analyze patient disease and treatment patterns from all 50 states plus D.C. and Puerto Rico. Pull data based on a patient’s residence, 3-digit zip code, and provider location and compare across health condition, ethnicity, and payer type. Use this information to track regional trends and policies, monitor large-scale changes, and adjust treatment patterns and strategies to improve the quality of care.

Customer Testimonial

Hear how Inovalon Data Solutions has helped Tivity Health and Dr. Justin Barclay, DBA, CAP, VP, Consumer Insights & Analytics.


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