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Empowering data-driven healthcare with cloud-based software solutions.

Our Purpose

Inovalon is dedicated to delivering solutions that empower our customers to use data to improve healthcare outcomes and efficiencies.

Data has a story to tell. We give it a voice.®

Inovalon is a leading provider of cloud-based SaaS solutions empowering data-driven healthcare. The Inovalon ONE® Platform brings together national-scale connectivity, real-time primary source data access, and advanced analytics to enable improved clinical outcomes and economics across the healthcare ecosystem.

From payers and providers to pharmacy organizations and life sciences companies, anyone in healthcare can benefit from the powerful capabilities of the Inovalon ONE Platform.

Data has a story to tell. We give it a voice.®

  • For health plans, Inovalon provides analytics to improve operational transparency, clinical quality metrics, risk score accuracy, patient engagement, treatment outcomes, and economic performance.
  • For providers, Inovalon delivers automation that simplifies the administrative and clinical complexities of healthcare and enable data-driven action to improve care quality at the point of care.
  • For pharmacy organizations, Inovalon drives efficiency and patient adherence from referral to delivery to ongoing care, improving time to treatment, reducing costs of operations, and bettering patient care and economics.
  • For life sciences companies, Inovalon empowers health economics and outcomes research, the identification of optimal treatment protocols, commercialization strategies, and outcomes-based contracting.
  • For developers, Inovalon provides curated application programming interface (API) products built to deliver meaningful value from data.

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Improve health plan performance and member outcomes.

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Optimize the revenue cycle, care quality, and workforce management.

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Improve pharmacy operations, patient adherence, and outcomes.

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Life Sciences

Navigate industry trends and regulatory needs with Inovalon experts.

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